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Adventure History

Session 16 (05/26/2012) -

Continuing to Search the Kaer

The heroes continued searching through the kaer rooms, fighting off ghouls and eventually a large swarm of flying worm-like creatures that also seemed a bit like bats. The fighting took its toll on the group and the troll now lay unconsious with the rest of the group feeling quite a bit of pain as well right now.

Session 15 (03/24/2012) -

Ha Ha, You Mist Me

The new monk companion, Erdric, proved to be worth his weight for the battle against the Mist. Despite not being able to come into the battle fresh, the heroes were able to succeed in defeating the Horror and come away with some nice loot to boot.

Upon the creature’s defeat, a shiny crystal fell in the Horror’s place – cold to the touch. The heroes picked it up and their new found loot and quickly attempted to find a place to rest. Not wanting to sleep in the same chamber where they fought the Mist, they tried exploring a neighboring room only to find themselves triggering a Ward Trap.

The heroes were plastered with Suffocating Paste which caused them to be unable to breath. They tore at the hardened glob on their face, occasionally catching a breath here or there but in the end, all but the monk fell unconscious and inches from death. The heroes awoke to find the monk had not left their side but instead stayed by, meditating and watching over them as they regained consciousness.

Unsure of what else the kaer holds, the heroes have rested up and have decided to continue exploring the dwelling to see what else they can find about this tainted place.

Session 14 (03/10/2012) -

How to Kill a Windling

After licking their wounds, Korose, Benoni and Gerneck awake to find their companion has abandoned their cause for the time being, leaving a note stating that he feels he must explore things on his own for the time being. Oddly enough, the door to the room everyone was in was locked from the outside? Hmmm, whatever.

As the group decided to rest a little longer, Eramos knocked on the door from the outside with a key in hand and was greeted with open arms. He told them of having been knocked out and awoken having no memory of much of what had happened, but he did happen to have a map of the kaer which should lead them to their next steps.

The group followed the map down to the underground of the kaer and quickly towards an area of the map which was unmarked. They found a secret door and a circular room full of skulls in the middle. As the group was searching for treasure and trinkets, Eramos suddenly attacked Benoni from behind knocking him to the ground. Benoni screamed in pain and the group quickly converged on the windling.

A battle ensued and the little windling prooved to be quite the match for the three other adepts. In the end, however, Eramos was knocked unconscious. The heroes were deciding what to do with their once called “friend” when a lightning bolt shot from outside of the room and they were greeted by a monk from Cathay who advised them that their hero was lost to the marking of a horror and must be killed. With that, the group ended Eramos’ life…some a little too enthusiastically.

Shortly after searching for more spoils in the room, though, the door to the room shut and the skulls started to fall away from themselves, revealing a dark mist that started to solidify into the center of the room. As the mist formed more and more into a solid form, it took the shape of a wispy skeletal like creature, large in stature and now looking hellbent on killing everything in sight.

After the battle with Eramos, the heroes are wounded – hardly ready for a fight with such a creature…

Session 13 (11/05/2011) -

Getting Captured within the Mist

Korose did his best to take as many guys down as he could before he was finally beaten into unconsciousness. Gerneck surrendered but was also knocked out cold. Eramos, well…where’d he go again? Oh, right, he flew to the top of the tower either out of cowardness or out of intelligence. Either way, he’s not arround when Cortex, Gerneck, Beloni and Korose wake up in a room with their weapons and armor well within reach.

The 4 heroes have spent time licking their wounds and now look forward towards getting out of their room, rested and ready. Maybe they’ll go looking for Eramos, or maybe everyone will just stay silent about it and go on as though he was never there to begin with?

Session 12 (9/24/2011) -

30 against 5, but Who Really Kaers?

The heroes found their way to the Blood Elf Palace and found themselves with the choice to either wait an indefinite amount of time for the Blood Ivy or they could assist the Blood Warder Takaris by undertaking a quest to find some slavers and some captured Blood Elves. Seeing no other option, they decided to undertake the quest and came across a few wagons and a lot of weapon wielding goons, not to mention other Name-Givers in a couple of the wagons with steel bars all around.

They decided to follow the wagons into a dense forest slightly south of the Blood Wood. After following for a while, the heroes found themselves surrounded by a thick mist which was not like normal mist found in the early mornings which provides a cool and wet sensation. The mist was so thick they couldn’t even hear their own steps or their companions. After a little time of being disoriented they found themselves outside of the mist, but face-to-face with the 30 or so guards who were following along with the wagons.

Lacking common sense, the heroes have charged into battle, trying their best to fight it out…

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Things of Note about this Site

This site is what I will be using to manage the game information, characters, NPCs, etc that you can refer back to for information and the Adventure Log – especially when we have lulls in our game play. Click on the Wiki to find information about the Kaer and the Adventure Log to see what’s happened so far in Kaer Ardanyan.

For those new to the system I’ve posted some information about the Disciplines and Races. As always, refer to the Player’s Guide for more information.

The Dream

House Rules

Disciplines and Races

Talent Knacks

Notes about Character Advancement

I will give you all fair warning that there will be times where you will meet all of the necessary conditions to go up in Circle and/or in rank of talents at the end of a session. Due to the events going on in the game, however, your characters might not have the time necessary to train for their next Circle, go up in rank on a Skill, meditate 8 hours on a talent or even have the 30 minutes necessary to use a Karma Ritual for that matter.

You will inevitably, at times, stockpile some Legend Points. It just all depends on what’s going on at hand. If you guys are dungeon crawling and it takes 4 sessions to get through, you could wind up with a nice pile of LPs that are just itching for some downtime to get spent. I don’t do this on purpose or to try to hinder your characters from advancing – it’s just the nature of the game. Sometimes there’s just too much going on to even allow 8 hours of meditation on a talent for a few days.

Part of it has to do with the gaming sessions themselves. If we were playing a 4-5 hour gaming session, then after 2-3 nights worth your characters might be in a position where they can spend 40 hours in a 3 week period training for Circle Advancement. Otherwise at 3 hour gaming sessions, it could be 3-5 nights worth. It all depends.

Anyway, just wanted to make you all aware so that you’re not getting too frustrated seeing that you’re ready to advance a Circle and your character doesn’t have the time to do it. Focus on some other things that you can advance in the meantime. Or…save a little bit and get ready for a big shopping spree when you get a little downtime!

Personal Thoughts

Earthdawn is the only gaming system I’ve ever really GMed and outside of that, I’ve only ever played D&D in a couple of games. Despite having GMed Earthdawn, I’ve also never really had a campaign last, mostly because when I used to play it was when a lot of people were going to school and we couldn’t really get a solid gaming schedule going. Or getting people together meant having to drive in from long distances.

Being the case, I’m rusty on two accounts – GMing and some of the rules with ED. I can’t decide if jumping into 3rd Edition was the best idea or not, since I’ve never played 3rd Edition rules until now. There’s not a lot of changes from Earthdawn Classic, but it’s enough to throw my memory off a bit. So…we’re all learning, and I think that’s a bit of a handicap.

I went to 3rd Edition for a few reasons, partially due to how combat movement was simplified and also partially because of the talent options that were introduced. Combat movement was one of the toughest things to manage under the old system, IMO, and I didn’t want the game’s shining areas to be overshadowed by things I already knew were difficult to manage.

That being said, I want us all to be able to experience the core Earthdawn system with all of its strong points and its imperfections. If we come across a rule that doesn’t make much sense at the time, I would like for us to come up with a quick resolution – even if inaccurate, with the intent on reviewing it later. Let’s use the forum on this site for discussion of these items inbetween sessions – that way it’s easy to reference to, especially if a new player comes on board.

If you feel strongly about a particular Earthdawn core rule or don’t feel it’s being interpreted quite right, please refer to the Earthdawn forums at There are lots of players and GMs on there that come from other systems that can provide additional insight on a rule (even how it relates to another system), or, even give suggestions on how to handle it better. Let me know if you come across something on your own and we’ll discuss it outside of the session.

I get frustrated if I see any of you guys getting frustrated. If it seems like you’re not having fun, I’m going to have a lot harder time succeeding at GMing because I really do try to be a people pleaser. I spend a lot of time researching better ways of handling some of the rules in between sessions as well as trying to plan as best as I can. Outside of reading the rules straight through a couple of times (a feat I only did once back in 1st edition), I’m not sure how else I can accomplish that.

Anyway, sorry, not trying to turn this into a drama post. Just want to make sure you all are clear on where I’m coming from.

Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

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