Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

A Vision of Magic

From the legends of Gerneck

With the events of the past couple of days behind us and the Blood Wood coming into view we camped for the rest of the day before journeying into that dreaded Wood. My mind loves to investigate the oddities of the world and this one was no different. The fact that this wood changed in the presence of the Horrors intrigued me. What mysteries could I learn of the Horrors. What could the Blood Elves tell me of their change that might help us in the fight against the Horrors. My mind was racing at the prospect.

I looked around at my companions to see what their reactions were to being this close to such a place. It looked as if Cortex had curled up into a ball and sat on the ground like a boulder muttering about the Blood Wood. Eramos was off to one side waving his sword about looking as if he was practicing a tale of some untold lies. Korose was sharpening his axe.

Benoni was wandering around the outside of camp deep in thought, probably thinking of his mother. Maybe I should try and tell him of the journey that the soul makes after death. Death is an integral part of life that most Namegivers don’t realize. So much energy is lost in remembering the past and in the regrets that it brings up. But look at me, I tell myself the same things after my Gahad clams down. But at least when I’m in a Gahad I use my energy for something worthwhile.

As I sat contemplating the strangeness of my companions actions I felt the breath of a Passion draw close. As soon as I realized it I focused on what was being said and what emotions were coming through to me. When I fully caught the breath I was caught up in a vision, a vision of Magic. I could feel the presence of Floranuus and a night of Revelry in the Magic that was cast. I tried to see the threads that were used but they were like none I had ever seen. I saw great lands of different kinds and many different creatures that fought back and forth. I was taken away in a vision of grandeur but was rudely taken back to our land and our time near the Blood Wood by a sound I had never heard.

I looked up and saw that Korose had heard the same noise I saw a few mounds over a hoard of cretures charging towards us. I pointed at them and Korose saw them coming. Korose ran off to get ready to set against their charge and I looked around at our group. The rest of the group continued as they were but all looking a little tired. I ran after Korose with my spells in hand. The actions and words for Ethereal Darkness and Fog Ghost were on tips of my fingers and the tip of my mouth. I ran over a small ridge and saw Korose getting ready in front of hundreds of small creatures. I ran down to help him out and to cover his back. The hoard surrounded us and I was about to let loose my spells when a much bigger version of the creatures in front of us rose up a few hill sides away. It roared something in a language that I didn’t understand. The hoard in front of us stopped short and after a brief moment turned around and sulked off back where they came from. It looked as if the creatures were sulking a little on their way back. Korose ran after some of them but tripped and fell a few times. He got to the top of the hillside and started to cry out “Come Back”. I looked at Korose and saw a similar look of sulking as I saw on the creatures. After a few minutes we went back and rejoined the group.

We were all ready for an adventure but it will have to wait for another day. We rejoined the group and continued our waiting. I tried to catch the breath of Floranuus again but it was gone. Maybe another time I can get caught up in the vision of Magic I was shown earlier.

Editors Note’s: This post is not found in the official log of Gerneck but is told in taverns as an unwritten legend. If it is true or not, we may never know.


Jon that was perfect

A Vision of Magic

Sounds like you two are either horror tainted or got bored while being on watch for the night lol

A Vision of Magic

Should we let the dice decide that… um what does it mean if I roll a 1 on my artisan test. :)

A Vision of Magic

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