Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Another adventure with this group?

Why me?

Last night I had the most interesting night. I had a visit from that windling and elf that like to hang around me. I always forget their names. They came barging into my room, thankfully I had just finished my meditation or else I would have been mad. How does anyone expect a magician to improve if I don’t get the chance to meditate? Anyways they told me that the two dwarf guards wanted to talk to the three of us about a job that they needed help with. I was intrigued so I went with them.
We met with Flim and Jhonda to talk about a plan that they needed help with. We met a different human by the name of Harrison Jones. He was weird even for human standards, and he had the most unusual accent. They told us of a plan to pretend that one of the prisoner’s had told us where the cultist’s hideout and that we happen to let the other one escape. It was out mission to follow the the escaped cultist back to his hideout and get the bowl back. Harrison was a tracker and would help us follow the prisoner and get the bowl back but he wouldn’t help in the fighting.
We all decided to go along with the plan and waited outside the jail for the escapee to make his getaway. The windling, Eramos by name, flew up to the top og the jail and was on guard to let us know which way the cultist went. The rest of us went in different directions to wait it out. I saw the cultist leave by the back door dressed up in dwarf clothing, it was quite comical. I saw the elf, Benoni, spy him and Harrison follow him up the street. I looked for the windling and saw him twirling and making a fool of himself on the roof. Harrison had to practically yell to get his attention. It was a good thing the cultist was hard of hearing. well we followed the human into the deeps and around some twists and turns and such. Harrison had to help us at points but the elf and I could see the light from the cultist’s torch and could follow him most of the time by ourselves.
We finally came to a door. The elf looked at it and stated that it was locked. We did our best to look for any hidden latches or traps. We finally persuaded Harrison o=to pick the lock but he food out that it was unlocked in the first place.
We heard some muttering up around a bend and I tried to cautiously sneak around the corner. Not that it would have done any good, the windling walked out in the middle of the tunnel and asked the four men there where the loo was. There was a mad man, the escapee and two other men there looking none too happy. They charged us immediately. Two went after the windling, the mad man after the elf, probably because the elf was trying to take his head off with his arrows, and one after me. I tried my best to launch an astral spear at the oncomers but it didn’t work out right. I need to practice that spell a bit more. But I was able to get a few spirit darts off before they attacked. The windling was holding his own against the two and the elf had the mad man under control. The last attacker was getting close to me so I reattuned one of my matrices to hold the spirit grip spell, ready for the onslaught.
Just as my attacker went after me, he was joined by his two friends that were going after the windling. I looked around and couldn’t see the dang pipsqueak anywhere. The three of them got a few good blows in on me. I was hurting bad. I was able to get my spirit grip on one of them and put him into the grave where he belongs. The elf came up to another and took him out from behind. The windling helped with the third but wasn’t able to kill him. The elf went back and finished off the mad man and I went to follow him. The last attacker went down with the three of us together. I remember seeing Harrison slink off towards the back end of the cave, probably looking for the bowl.
Looking around we noticed that one of the cultists was only unconscious so we tied him up and searched the rest of them. we found a few flasks of oil and a couple of light quartz. There was some money that we split between the three of us. We found a book, supposedly from the mad man. The elf said it was a bunch of ramblings but I didn’t look at it. I didn’t take the strain of looking at it in astral space either. There might be something on there that I might see if I can look into it later. But with the bowl back in the hands of the kaer, the masters are off to go look at the Horror and see what they can see.
I must end my account now and get back to some meditation and learning of spells. My master might be gone for a while so I need to get the most out of this time as I can. Until next time.


Well written, great account of the events.

Another adventure with this group?

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