Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Back out of the saddle again.

I don't like riding anyway....

With trepidation, after a day of rest, we entered the Blood Wood. The corruption of the elves here manifests in the wood around them. Their desicration of themselves and their connection to the earth is horrifying and I tolerate it only for this quest. I do not like it here.

We quickly met a patrol of Blood elves but after dropping the name Jakaras and showing them the staff, they opened a straight path for us to the palace. The palace was grand and nestled high in the trees. We were met by one of the wards of the elves. He seemed impatient and not happy to see us. But again the name dropping worked and he escorted us into the palace to a grand room to wait. Though he questioned us, I remained aloof, not fully trusting any Blood elf.

Finally Jakaras entered and dismissed the other ward. He did not seem happy but complied. We presented the chest which Jakaras opened with a spell. Inside we saw a flower in a crystal case. The petals turned from black to crimson when the chest was opened. Jakaras seemed quite happy to have this flower but he had not yet collected our payment. I was content to wait until he could but he asked for our help with a caravan of slavers that had taken some Blood elves. This displeased me. I must admit I was conflicted because I do not like the Blood elves but I’m sure these slavers had other innocent Name-givers and those must be saved.

So were led out of the palace and out of the wood. It felt good to be among untainted nature again. Korose went hunting and caught some game that we ate and then Gerneck made a bone circle to mark the spot where we needed to enter the blood wood again. As he finished, I spotted a caravan coming along a road we had not seen. I could tell there were quite a few people outside of the three wagons and I alerted the group.

Because this could be the slavers and we were sorely out-numbered, I suggested we all hide along the road and have Eramos greet them to stop the caravan and give us the element of surprise. But as they came closer, we could discern the large amount of trolls with the caravan. They were indeed the slavers but we would lose as they were all mounted. We let them pass and then retrieved our mounts and followed them.

The turned off the road eventually and into a sister wood to the Blood wood. Shortly after entering, we were accosted by two Blood elves. They seemed oblivious to the caravan but once again, our staff allowed us passage. But soon, a thick mist engulfed us and we could not see our hands in front of our faces. Then coldness, as if a horror was near. I increased my grip on my crossbow and put one hand on my sword. Finally we emerged into a clearing.

Before us rose a Kaer that looked formidable but had been partially destroyed. A small village lay next to it and waiting for us were all thirty slavers. Korose took off running his tundramount through the group trampling some. I was quickly surrounded by trolls and managed to parry the first couple of strikes but another troll came at me from the side and I couldn’t move fast enough. His blow knocked me off balance slicing me badly and I fell from my mount. My tundramount ran off, and I got back to my feet. I turned and ran into the mist as fast as I could. I knew I was badly wounded and I was no use to my companions in my wounded state.

I ran hard and fast appearing suddenly on the otherside of the clearing between the kaer and the village! How did I get here? I ran straight into the mist. I saw Korose sitting atop his mount not far from me. He was close to the wagons that had the slaves. I saw a group of orcs and humans to my left a ways off. I may not be much use to my companions but I should be able to free some of these slaves.

Side note : As an obsidiman, shouldn’t I have had a calming effect on all of those trolls? Just a thought. I should have thought it on Saturday.


Totally late, but here it is anyway…

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Back out of the saddle again.

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