Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Eramos the Fallen has really fallen

The time spent in the old cell passed slowly. We tried the best we could to recover but we were all a little on end with the strangeness of the situation. All of our weapons were in with us, no one visited us and there was no word of Eramos. After we had rested up the best we could we decided to head out and see what was going on outside. We were just about to leave when we heard a knock at the door. We all stared at the door not knowing what to do when the door unlocked and Eramos walked in and greeted us as if nothing had happened.
We all crowded around him, thanking whatever passion that he was alive. We asked him what had happened and he told us of the tower and showed us a map he found. We asked him what had happened and he replied that he found the map at the top of the tower and then remembers blacking out. He woke up not too long ago and came looking for us.
At that point we set out looking to see what was going on. We searched a few of the rooms marked on the map that Eramos had found but we didn’t see much. Everything we did see was broken, rotten or unused for years.
We did happen to find a shrine for the Passion Garlen. Korose tried to enter but ran into a magical trap and fell asleep. I was tempted to try and enter and pay my respects but the rest quickly walked away.
By the time we reached the ground floor we hadn’t seen anything in particular and we saw a bunch of people out near the village. We decided to stay in the tower and continue downwards. We entered the lower levels and I could feel the evil emanating from the area. I didn’t know what to do but keep going with the rest.
I had tried to leave the kaer area during the battle but the mists wouldn’t let us. we had to figure out what was going on and it seemed like the lower levels were the place to go. We entered into the catacombs and heard water falling in the gloom. We followed the map to some of the key area in the kaer and ended up in the water chambers. We noticed an area of the map that was drawn in later and was not named. we decided to look around the water chamber room to see if there was a hidden door or such to the unnamed room.
We found a tiny hole and found a latch that opened up into a oval shaped room with a pile of bones at least ten feet tall. There was different markings around the room with scattered bones and silver. The four of us split up around the room to see what we could see. Korose and I were on the other side of the pile of bones when Benoni screamed out in agony. Korose and I were quick to run towards him and saw the horror tainted Ersmos slashing away at Benoni from behind.
Korose and I converged on the pair striking out trying to knock Eramos out. He quickly turned on me and unleashed a savage blow that knocked me down. I stood up and retreated a bit and prepared some spells. Korose came in and unleashed some crippling blows on Eramos. Now I had seen Eramos in a fight before and I know how much the windling can take but something was going on here. Benoni, Korose and I were trying our best to knockout, kill, maim and do all manner of such things to Eramos and he kept fighting. I was able to unleash a mighty spell but it ended up being weak and dealing no damage.
The situation was getting bad. After a bit of fighting on the ground, Eramos flew into the air and started to fly down and strike us from above. Korose watched him for a second and batted him out of the air once. We dazed Eramos a couple of times but he kept on fighting back.
The battle went by in a flash of an instant but we were sorely beaten, All except for Korose, he didn’t look too bad. But when Eramos fell out of the sky a lightening bolt flew through the door and into the room. The three of us looked up and saw a figure in the doorway. A monk figure came in and announced that Eramos was horror tainted. I took a quick look into the astral plane and looked at Eramos. He had a strange image of a skull implanted on his figure. I shrank back not wanting to believe it but having a very clear idea that it was true. I knew enough about horrors to know that one was involved here. We promptly ended the changed life of our dear friend and comrade. It was hard to remember him how he was before the vicious battle we just ended, but I will remember his smile and odd flare.
The others asked the monk some questions about what was going on but I wasn’t paying too much attention. I was looking around for some sign of where the Horror was and what can be done to help protect us. I was able to look around and find some healing slaves, Benoni found some as well so we were able to heal up a bit before looking around some more.
I don’t know who it was that touched it but someone approached the pile of skulls and touched them. At the slightest touch the skulls exploded into the air and a shimmering visage of a humanoid appeared in the middle. The familiar mists from around the kaer combined together and the familiar image of the skull that was over Eramos formed the face of the beast.
Here was the Horror. Laying in wait for us. Here it was going to die. Here we were going to kill it. I hope…



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