Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Erdrics Journal


My mind was troubled as I followed behind this Windling. I was sent to this land to explore and gain knowledge. Yet this dream, I can’t shake it. Who are these companions I was fighting alongside in my dream? The dream itself is also a concern. This was no mere dream. Dare I say it’s prophecy?

So deep in thought was I, that I knocked into a table causing a loud scuffing sound. I froze certain the Windling would hear me. He kept on his pace, must not be a very perceptive Windling. Still unsure of what to say, I remained hidden. Even when the Windling freed the rest of the group I remained hidden. As I listened to their exchange something was troubling me. I had an uneasy feeling about the Windling. His claim that he had no memory of what happened, yet there was no mark on him. Why would the rest of the group be thrown into this locked room, while the Windling did not. Where did the Windling get the key? I don’t recall him aquiring it while I shadowed him… With the group being on edge, I continued to shadow them. When would be the right time to reveal myself and not provoke an attack?

The group descended to the deepest level and paused in the first room that had 3 other passages, consulting their map and debating on where to go. The decided on an unmarked room on the map. But they could not find the door to enter, until the windling found a secret door. Was he just lucky? How could he find a secret door but not hear my blunder upstairs? Or did he know about it…

I remained a little down the hall from the secret chamber when I heard fighting. When I arrived at the door, I found the Windling attacking his comrades. This sparked a memory. My thoughts drifted back to the lessons my Sensei had taught me on Mount Xan. He described a group of adventurers that been betrayed by one of their own, who had become corrupted by a horror. Then I noticed the skulls in the room and the pounding the Windling was taking but still fighting. He’s horror tainted!

Just as my realization came to me they manage to knock him down. As the debated what to do, I saw the Windling stir. He can’t be allowed to spread the taint. I remember thinking it’s now or never as I summoned a lightning bolt and slammed it into the windling to knock him back into unconsciousness.

His companions look at me in stunned silence. I said the only thing i could think of. “He’s been tainted by a horror!” Their actions surprised me. Without hesitation, the big troll and nimble elves both drove their weapons home in the Windlings body, ending his life.

They turned toward me, and I introduced myself. The seemed to accept me, they must have been suspecting the Windling’s taint as well, for they barely shed any grief over his loss. They kept a careful eye on me as they began searching the room. I was drawn towards the center of the room. Something about the pile of skulls. I reached down to pick one up and they exploded outward. From beneath the pile rose what could only be a horror, with a skull face.

Without missing a beat the troll, elf, and I rushed it on three sides of it. None of our attacks landed home. It was too nimble and swift, dodging and blocking our attacks. Even when the troll managed to hit it, it seemed to have little effect. Thinking physical attacks to be of little use, I tried a lightning bolt. Either the goodly passions were on my side or the horror clearly thought physical to be the main threat, but my lightning bolt slammed into it, leaving massive scorch marks.

The elf nailed it with a couple arrows, and the orc landed a good hit with some sort of spell. I thought for sure the horror would be coming for me, after I hit it with such a solid blow. But I was wrong, for it summoned a massive ice cycle and impaled the troll through his shoulder. The troll got up and began to seek a way out, throwing his shoulder into the stone door that had closed behind us. I landed two more solid hits with lightning bolts while the elf peppered it with a couple more arrows, when it finally shriek and dissipated into mist. A glowing crystal drop from the mist to clink on the floor.

We cautiously approached. When the others feared to, I reached down and picked it up. It was cold to the touch but that’s all i could discern at the time, so i placed it in a pouch. We then spent the next couple hours gathering loot. While I’m not one for greed, my main focus is my studies, I had little in the way of coin and provisions would be needed.

We finished looting, and since the others were barely standing (they must have taken a real beating from the slavers), they feared proceeding without recovery. We decided to seek respite in the “water room”, as it was labeled on the map. Karose broke the lock and we proceeded inside.

The moment we all crossed the threshold, a trap sprung. Some sort of goo hit us all directly in the face. We scrambled to pull it off. I managed to get a few breaths of air, but my lungs were burning when it finally crumbled away. As I breathed a deep breath of fresh air and looked around. Karose, Benoni, and Gerneck had all succumbed to the spell. I quickly checked their pulses. They were alive but unconscious. Not knowing what else to do, I closed the door and kept watch, relying on my training and meditation to rest my body instead of sleep. When they finally awoke, I took my turn at sleep as they bandaged their wounds. It took a good four days for them to recovery sufficiently to proceeded. I spent most of that time meditation and working on ways to improve my talents.

We left our mini-sanctuary after drinking from the surprisingly clean and fresh water fountain and began to explore this level. As we walked down one of the cramped halls, corpses rose up, cutting us off from one another. Before I could act mine foe slammed with an attack knocking me off my feet. As I was falling I launched a lightning bolt and managed to take him off his feet as well. Rather than wast time getting on my feet, I executed a series of sweeping kicks to finish off my foe. The others managed to finish theirs off and we dusted our selves off.

I must finish this entry now, as we are preparing to set out once again. Perhaps I was destined to be apart of this group after all. I will remain with this group and see where these dreams lead. Hopefully learning much and more from this land to take back to Mount Xan in the process.


I got bored at work, so here you go doug.

Erdrics Journal

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