Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Honor lost again may adventure


After searching the dead bodies and finding nothing of value we continued on to the next room. I entered and as we were about to search the next hall we were attacked by six ghouls. I air danced around the two in front of me quickly cutting them down.I started to help the others as Benoni came running into the room being chased by two ghouls. I laughed at his weakness. He looked up at me and spun around, his swords whirling with the support of his new backbone. From here it became a contest. I killed every ghoul within reach as quickly as I could. The others now blocked my access to the remaining ghouls and I screamed out in frustration. Suddenly gerneck was down and I jumped to assist him. I eliminated that ghoul and charged around around the other side of my companions to take out more ghouls. Gerneck saw me coming and rolled out of the way. I think he was more worried about getting trampled by me than what the ghoul was going to do. Wise Orc. I ended up killing more than Benoni and took my finger bones from the ghouls I had dispatched. Benoni declined my offer to get him some some of the bones. I was more tired than I wanted to admit. We continued searching the rest of the underground Kaer, then proceeded to explore the levels above ground. The final unexplored room was locked. Benoni almost hurt himself on the door so I stepped up and quickly chopped my way through the door. As Benoni opened the door some small flying sausages came flapping out. They weren’t really really sausages but a type of flying worm. I immediately sliced one in two and ducked under two more that came right at me. In my tired state they were hard to hit. I didn’t fight as aggressively for the first time since joining our little band. I used my axe to block several attacks and had killed three more by either cutting off wings and finishing them on the ground or by cutting them into small pieces. Moving around the room I took one out that was on the monk. Gerneck was down again, casting from the a lying position. It would really help him if he developed that skill. But just as I was about to kill the last one in front of me I cut it but it had dodged and I only slightly cut it. But the worse thing is that by hitting it like that it actually pushed it towards me and I was too slow to get out of the way. It bit me. It was just a little too much and I covered the only wound I had received in the last three battles. As my hand tightened into a death grip on my axe and the room started to go dark around the edges of my vision I saw Benoni finish the last one he had been fighting and turn just in time to skewer the slow wounded slug that had just bit me. The last thing I saw was Benoni, gasping for breath, fling the dead worm off his sword and shout out FIVE! It was the final straw. I sunk down into the darkness welcoming it for I was so ashamed of letting the skinny elf kill more of the monsters than I had. How was I going to regain my honor? Was the final thought as I fell into unconsciousness.


Wow, the troll went down to a flying worm. I’ll bet a dwarf would have done better when competing with an elf. :D

Honor lost again may adventure

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