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Korose Ashamed capture and escape

Ashamed Capture and Escape
Finally we went into the forest guided by some elves. We entered a palace of the elves and met several disagreeable folk. There was obviously elven politics at hand which I was far from understanding. I don’t know if we are working with someone who is for or against the elven people. We left on an additional quest from the elf lord while we wait for the return package. We were supposed to stop some bandits raiding humans and elves in the area. We went to the local road and were in luck for a group of bandits with slaves in tow walked right by us. We were lying in ambush but when I saw at least 7 trolls aligned with them. I signaled to cancel the ambush. We discussed our options and decided to follow them. They walked for several more miles then entered the forest along a path. After a while several dark elves appeared. We presented the emblem of the elf and we were allowed to pass.
I had to think at this point that the bandits came this way and had to pass the same guards. Thus they were probably working for the same elf we are. The only reason I can think of that he would have us attack his own men was to have us captured and disappeared. Thus he wouldn’t have to pay the wizard, and we would be more slaves for his men. I am not sure I want to return to the palace.
We proceeded until a mist started to form around us. Then we just kept going at a slowed rate. We suddenly came out of the mist to meet a large body of Trolls, men, and Orcs. I immediately charged. I killed one and injured 1 as I turned my mount I ran them down again and saw one of my friends turn back into the mist and appearing on the opposite side of the clearing instantly, so no escape through the mist. I continued riding and killed a couple more. They were beginning to attack me from behind where I couldn’t defend myself as well. I saw a body dragged into the crumbling tower in the center of the field. Then I saw Gerneck surrender and was knocked out for his actions. I then rode to the side of the tower and jumped off my mount. Backing up against the wall I waited for them to come.
I didn’t have to wait long. Trolls lead the group and I managed to kill another human I think before I collapsed from blood loss. I hoped my wounds would bleed me out before I would ever become a slave.
I awoke in a dark cell sitting up slowly I looked around and saw Gerneck and Benoni in the room with me. I took in my surroundings and saw my axe and gear lying in the corner, a heavy wood door with a small barred window in it covered the only exit. I rose and gathered my weapon and gear checking everything. Why would they leave my axe here. Either they are really stupid or we are no real threat to them. We discussed our situation and decided to stay here until we were healed up enough to fight if needed. I was sure hoping it was going to be needed.
I laid down in front of the door using my 500 pounds to block the door from opening without us knowing. When we heard Eramos outside the door. He unlocked the door and came in with the key. Eramos stood guard while the rest of us healed up. The next day we were healed sufficiently to venture out of the cell. We searched the floor we were on and passed by a large pile of dead bodies. Using the map Eramos provided we passed through an old smithy and tried to enter a shrine dedicated to peace. I was knocked unconscious for carrying my axe into the room. When I woke we left the shrine in peace (pun intended) and went searching in the depths of the Kaer. We entered a very narrow hallway which ended in a room central room with larger halls leading off at the other points of the compass.
We chose the hall to the right and soon were in a room with some water flowing through a trough. Eramos found the secret latch to the large round room and opened a heavy stone door. Eramos and myself quickly entered the room. There was a large pile of skulls and other bones in the center of the room and smaller piles around the side of the walls of the room. I found silver coins along the wall and started to gather some up when I heard a loud scream from Benoni. The Large pile of bones was in the way so I dropped the treasure and rushed to kill whatever had attacked Benoni. As I came around the corner benoni was getting up and Eramos had a bloody sword. Not sure what was going on and since Eramos always annoyed me so I used the flat of my axe to knock him out. But after hitting him twice with my axe he was only stunned. Something was not right. Eramos quickly flew up out of range of my axe. Benoni shot arrows at him and as he swooped down again I got another swat at him. Benoni and I soon had him unconscious. Just as I was going to tie him up he started to come around. A lightning bolt came through the door and struck Eramos knocking him out again.
“He has been tainted by the Horror.” A monk said standing just inside the door. Then it all made sense. I bashed his head against the floor just as Benoni inserted both swords into Eramos’s body. He was dead. I wasn’t sure what to do when the monk touched the pile of bones in the center of the room and a humanoid shape merged from the bones and stuff in the pile. I was quickly set upon by the creature. It hit me hard and I was knocked down. I got up and missed my first attack but hit him to no effect with my second strike. The others quickly joined the attack flanking the skull faced creature. I was hit again and tried to respond in kind to no effect again. Melee weapons were useless. Then I caught sight of fingers wiggling in the door of the room. Thinking this was a spell of a magic user controlling the construct through the door I ran toward the door. Luckily as I started to run I leaned forward just as an Ice javelin struck me. If I hadn’t been just about to run I might have been knocked over. I made it to the door quickly and smashed into it hard. Again no effect I was starting to get mad.
“Open the door. Let us Out.” I yelled and turning stood in front of Gerneck who was at least hitting him with some spells. Near exhaustion bleeding from two good sized wounds I braced for a final charge hoping to keep the beast off the magic users long enough for their spells to hopefully kill it. When suddenly he dissappeared and a unique gem fell to the ground. I went and sat in the doorway hoping to prevent it from closing again while the others gathered up the treasure. Once we were all outside we decided to enter the water room as a more defensible position while we healed up. As we entered the room a substance slapped us on the face. I tried to remove it nothing I tried again success. I took a few breaths just as more appeared. In my anger I ripped it off two more times and then failed to remove the new stuff and for the second time in my life fell unconscious.
I woke to see Gerneck binding my wounds. We spent the next 3 days sleeping, resting, and healing up. When we left the room I was ready again to kill something. I was tired of losing. I lead the group out as we walked toward one of the rooms. As we entered one of the halls some kind of undead creatures attacked us from the graves lining the walls. I slashed the one in front of me then finished him on the floor and immediately turned and killed the one facing Benoni with a single blow. I could see two more near the back but would be useless trying to get back there in the tight quarters of the hallway so I looked for more to attack. It seemed to take forever. I glanced back and the four of them were on the ground playing footsies. If Eramos were here he would have just poked them in the foot. It made me glad to be a troll.


Hilarious. Loved the post!

Korose Ashamed capture and escape

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