Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity
Having arrived at the edge of the Blood Wood Forest we set up a small camp waiting for our contacts to arrive. After verifying that I didn’t need to sharpen my axe again, I made another circuit around our camp pausing and listening for any sign of danger. After what seemed like two weeks Cortex hadn’t moved for the whole time we have been here resembling the boulder he really was. Benoni was in a fog of self morning or pity or other inner turmoil consuming all his attention. Eramos told every story I think he has ever heard to Cortex and Benoni who I don’t think either one heard a word of it. Eramos didn’t seem to mind though he laughed, swore, and even dropped a tear at just the right moment of each story.
Gerneck and I were going out of our minds with boredom and this incessant high pitched voice in our ears that we had moved out of camp to keep watch from a small rise. I was about ready to kill myself when Gerneck pointed off in the far distance. Three Hills away there was a mass of creatures coming toward us I almost cried from the relief of something to do. I immediately decided not to tell the others, not that any of them were listening, I wanted as many of them for myself as I could get.
Gerneck began priming several spells while I activated my wood skin ability. I was so excited at the coming battle that I was almost dancing a jig.
When they were two hills away I recommended that after the beings surrounded us that we should stand back to back to give each other as much protection as we could. Gerneck agreed. We could almost make out individual creatures. As they topped the last hill between us I was ready for the shower of blood that I was about to receive. I could almost feel the resistance of the spine as my axe separates the head from it’s body. It seemed I could hear the crash of Axe cutting through armor and biting into flesh. The joyous sound of an arterial spurting it’s life blood returning it to the earth mother. The great number of beads I would get the opportunity to make would fill many days. Then as the horde of unidentifiable creatures reached the bottom of the valley and Gerneck prepared to loose a spell and I had my throwing knives in hand a Very large creature appeared on top of the second hill.
It raised it’s great head and Bellowed out in a voice that somehow we understood.
“My Rotten Minions Cease Your Playing! You Were Very Bad Minions and Now Must Be Grounded! Return To Your Lairs Or Suffer My Wrath!” The Queen Creature Said.
The horde stopped in mid run and with snouts drooping they turned and jogged back up the hill.
“NNNOOO!!!” I Screamed at the top of my lungs and started running down the hill. In my inconsolable state I fell several times and by the time I had reached the top of the first hill the horde was gone. If it wasn’t for the contract I had made I would have thrown my honor and reason for being away and tracked the horde back to their lair. It was the closest I have come to crying as I fell to my knees and begged with them “Come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back…”
At some point I realized that they weren’t coming back. I rose and slowly went back to camp. I sat on a boulder near the fire and stared into the flames as silent and unhearing as Benoni and Cortex. Cortex! I jumped off of him and sat on the ground ignoring Eramos and dreaming of the lost Glory and beads I could have had. It was a long sorrowful night. Gerneck tried to get me to eat and console me but I had no appetite and even sharpening my razor sharp axe tasted like hot coals in my mouth.
Perhaps tomorrow or in another couple of weeks the value of my existence might return. Perhaps…



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