Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Storm Child

The origin of Erdric pt.1

Rumor has it, we are created when incredibly powerful bolts of lightning lance out of the sky and strike the earth leaving behind a baby laying in small crater. Sensei calls them Storm Children or Lightning Born. Personally I thought he was just teasing me, though it was hard to say since Sensei rarely shows emotion. I looked like everyone else and at the time I didn’t have any special powers. I felt like a normal kid, well as normal as a kid can be growing up in a monastery.

I’ve lived my whole life on Mount Xan, and it wasn’t easy. There were no other kids my age. Most people on Mount Xan were men fresh out of childhood seeking a purpose. I rarely got free time to play, nor would I have the strength to do so. My days were spent working, studying, and training. I didn’t understand why. The scourge had ended, so why did i need to know how to fight. Why did they train me to fight if the purpose of life was to find enlightenment through meditation? Why did I have to learn Thrallic when it was only spoken across the ocean. None of this made sense to me.

This all changed on my eighteenth birthday (based off the day I was found). It was in the middle of winter so I was out shoveling snow and scattering ice on the upper landing to the path leading down the mountain. The clouds were a thick dark gray and I was rushing to finish before this next storm hit. People had been praying that this storm would pass us bye, but not me. I knew it would hit us. I don’t know how I knew, I just did. As I was on my last row of snow, I was proven correct. In the blink of an eye it was upon us. Pounding winds and stinging hail. I turned to flee and before I could take two steps there was an ear shattering boom followed by a blinding flash followed excruciating pain. As quick as it had come it was gone. I was struck by lightning. But the pain was brief and gone. I should have been burnt to a crisp but i felt fine. Better than fine in fact. I felt great. Like I was brimming with energy. The world was a little clearer, the colors more vibrant and sharper. The storm was still going on but it had lessoned a bit. As people began to gather, I felt a strange tingling sensation. Purely on instinct I raised my hand. Lightning shot from the sky in another ear shattering boom, straight into my hand. The energy surged into me. As soon as it was finished the storm ceased and the clouds receded.

The next thing I knew, my Sensei whisked me into his private quarters. He told that I was indeed a Storm Child and that I had finally reached adulthood. He said the lightning was a sort of maturation or rite of passage. It’s when my body has developed enough to become attune with the sky. It was time to begin the next leg of my training. How to channel this Lightning Born talent.

Despite this turn of events the next few years went by almost the same as before. The exceptions were new materials to study, such as map making and horror lore. And of course, further mastering my talents in unarmed combat and my Storm Child abilities.

Finally after years of training, Sensei told me that I was ready. He explained that I could now meditate and improve my skills on my own. There would be more to learn from him in the future I do not doubt. He then told me of the land across the ocean, what little is known anyway. It was to be my task to voyage across the ocean and scout this land. To return with maps and first hand knowledge of these lands.

Thus it was that I found myself on a boat sailing into blue expanse. It was a harrowing experience. Weeks of sailing through storms. Days of crawling at a snails pace when there was no wind and the crew used massive oars to move the boat along.

We were nearly two months out when the captain calculated that we were about 3 days out, 2 if the winds were kind. That night I had the strangest dream. I dreamed there was a massive battle and I was fighting along side of strange companions. An elf, a troll, a orc, and an obsidiman. The obsidiman kept flashing in an out of existence, I wondered why?


ROFL at the last sentence

Storm Child

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