Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Storm Child 2

The origin of Erdric pt.2

I awoke to the sounds of battle. I rushed on deck only to find we were under attack and sorely pressed. More than half of our crew was dead or tossed overboard. Despite our efforts we were forced to yield. We were clapped in irons and taken below decks. Turns out our captain was right, we reached land 2 days later. There were were split up. I was thrown into a carriage and was transported inland for days.

We eventually came unto a forest. As we ventured deeper into the forest a mist formed, so thick I couldn’t see more than a foot in front of me. We pressed on and the suddenly the mist parted. There was a massive structure surrounded by a small village. I assumed it was one of these kaers i had learned about. I was taken into the kaer and locked in a room. I searched in vain for a way out but no luck. Having no other other ideas, I decided to meditate on it.

I meditated through the entire night and when a arose out of my meditation it was to the sound of another battle. I banged on the door to let me out. I then grabbed the handle to try to force the lock only to discover the door was open! I cautiously crept out of the room, but no one was around, it seemed deserted. I crept to the opening in the destroyed section of the tower and froze. There were the slavers and they were battling with… The people from my dream! Expect they had a windling with them. I also noticed some villagers that seemed to be in some sort of trance milling about. I took advantage of the distraction and snuck out and hid amongst the villagers.

I watched the whole seen unfold, unsure of what to do. The obsideman got lost in the mist, the orc and elf knocked out and captured. the troll charging his massive beast through the slavers and into the village out of my sight, I assumed they caught him when the sounds of struggle died down. The windling was the only one who seemed to get away. He flew to the roof of the tower and didn’t return. Unsure of what to do, i searched for a secluded spot in the village hidden from view but with a clear view of the kaer. I hid there and waited…

After a few hours I spotted movement. The windling was back! He was flying down the kaer peaking in all the rooms. I decided to follow him, for surely he was heading to his companions. Companions I must surely be destined to be with…



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