Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Waylaid by my Brotheren

Life on the road is hard. I thought it would be fun at first but it has turned out to be very tedious. I was able to spend some time thinking about what I have learned but because of the way the horse moves I can’t really meditate on much. Half way on our trip to the Blood Wood we came across a simple village with a simple inn. But the inn was a better place then on the ground. We stabled our mounts and enjoyed an evening with the company of others. When I walked into the inn I saw a group of ork scorchers. I decided on talking with them most of the night. They had chosen their differently then mine at this moment in time but they were still orks. I asked them about the hunting and the layout of the guards. If they had information that would help us then I might as well talk to them about it.
I didn’t get much out of the evening but it was good to talk story with them. Our group retired for the evening in two different rooms. I had the impression that I should prepare for anything but the lure of the bed made me fall asleep before I was able to do anything. I was awoken with the sight of two orks close by me, one searching my pack and the other trying to attack me. I was surprised but was able to get into the action soon. As soon as I let off my spirit grip with my blood charm on the one attacking me the one searching my bags joined in on the fight. I saw two more ors in the room fighting Eramos and heard more coming from across the hall. I was no my own. I was able to get a few spells off but then I got hit hard and fell back onto my bed. I still cast spells while laying down, but the two of them were too much for me and I went unconscious.
I woke up after the battle by Eramos and looked around. It appears that there were eight orks in the attack, and all of them were dead. I wish were could have interrogated at least one of the orks but there was nothing I could do about that now. Now I know I should at least Pocket Guardian in a new place when we don’t have a guard. I don’t know what is in this chest but it appears someone wants it but doesn’t have the money to pay for good mercenaries.
We decided to stay a little extra and heal up a bit but we were soon on the road again off towards Blood Wood. I few days later we saw the remains of a caravan and decided to search it. There was one corpse that drew my attention so I decided to see what had happened to her. In my vision I was swept away into a cavernous area saw a small elf baby being tortured by other figures and eventually killed. I scream out “Benoni no!” and then I slowly die.
The group all asked me what happened so I told them but left out the fact that is was Benoni’s mother. When the others had moved away and I was alone with Benoni I told him the rest of the vision. Korose found a book under the woman and took it before I could get to it. I told him I would give him the value of the book and he gave it to me. I’ll have to take some time to look at the book and if it ordinary then I’ll give it to Benoni.
After burying the dead we continued our trip to the Blood Wood and we are just now approaching it.



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