Former Leader of Ardanyan


Argathiel is very tall and muscular for an elf. A follower of the Weaponsmith Discipline but also a master tactician. When he was the leader of Ardanyan, he often could be seen riding through the town wearing a masterfully-crafted suit of plate mail armor.


One of the original members of the group that set out to leave Kaer Ardanyan 50 years ago to determine if the Scourge was over. Leldrin was the only one to return, claiming the others (including Argathiel) as dead.

Argathiel became the ruler of Ardanyan, forming it from a small settlement and village to the bustling town it is today, largely in part from his ability to protect the town from the Ork Scorchers who were bent on reclaiming Ardanyan as they had it in the pre-scourge days. Argathiel is a claimed hero to many in Ardanyan, even though he has up and left along with several other key members of the town. This all occurred shortly before Kaer Ardanyan went topside and was able to claim Ardanyan as their town, despite some resistance from long-term residents.

Recently the heroes have found out that Argathiel has a son named [[argathien:Argathien]] who lives in Bartertown as a Weaponsmith, but claims to have not seen his father in over 15 years.


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