Elf Archer



Dexterity (16): 7/D12 Perception (16): 7/D12
Strength (16): 7/D12 Willpower (11): 5/D8
Toughness (13): 6/D10 Charisma (10): 5/D8


Initiative: 6/D10 Physical Defense: 10
Physical Armor: 7 Spell Defense: 9
Mystic Armor: 2 Social Defense: 7
Death Rating: 59 Recovery Tests: 2
Wound Threshold: 9 Knockdown: 5/D8
Unconsciousness Rating: 47
Movement: 7


Karma Ritual (4)
Missile Weapons (2): 9/D8+D6
Throwing Weapons (3): 9/D8+D6
True Shot (5): 12/2D10
Durability (4): 6/5

Talent Options:
Melee Weapons (5): 12/2D10
Avoid Blow (4): 11/D10+D8


Artisan – Arrow Fletching (1): 6/D10
Knowledge – Discipline Lore (1): 8/2D6
Knowledge – Ancient Weapons (1): 8/2D6
Speak Language (Dwarf, Elf) (1): 8/2D6
Read/Write Language (Dwarf) (1): 8/2D6
Second Weapon (4): 11/D10+D8
Craft Weapon (2): 9/D8+D6


Jhonda and Flim are heroes of the kaer guard. They typically always work together or, at the very least, not far apart from each other while in Council Hall. On a routine visit having come back from Okoros, the Benoni’s mother was carrying him back to Shal’Minar when she was suddenly cornered by three hooded figures. Flim was processing a few elves wanting to pass from Shal’Minar to Khar Rhuz when he heard the scream. By reaction alone, he drew his sword and yelled to Jhonda, who was already running to his aid as quick as he could. Being closer to the door to Okoros made it difficult to make it over, but he made it within range and drew his bow and arrow.

Two of the hooded figures drew swords and attacked Flim. More guards were rushing to his aid and Jhonda had his bow and arrow trying to narrow down on one of the attackers. Flim yelled to Jhonda, “I’m fine, help the girl!” and Jhonda then realized there was still a third attacker approaching the girl. He saw the glimmer of the sword in his hand, going in for the kill, and he quickly fired his shot to kill the attacker. The hooded figure leaned upon the female elf and fell to the floor, the woman leaning back against the wall. Flim had dispatched both of the other figures and Jhonda was relieved as he saw the woman relax back against the wall.

But then, he realized, as he saw the figure fall further away from her that the reason she was leaning was because the hooded figure had successfully made his attack and killed his victim. What was originally a felt triumph was now a failure. The three figures were all dead and there was no way to question them as to the intent of their crimes. Rumors quickly spread that the hooded figures were members of the Gate-Cult, attempting to kidnap a victim to sacrifice to the alleged Horror at the Gate to Kaer Ardanyan, although there was never any proof that they were really cultists.

When Jhonda approached the woman, he saw the babe in her arms…asleep peacefully not realizing the tragedy that had just occurred. Elf or not, it was his duty to protect members of the kaer and this time he had failed. It took some encouragement from his brother, Flim, to help him realize it wasn’t his fault and nothing more could have been done. Still…Jhonda felt responsible and a sense of compassion for the young elf, despite his race.

The Council was able to place the boy in the care of an Elvish family of Shal’Minar who raised the boy. Because of the great accomplishments of Jhonda and Flim, no one dared say anything when he would greet the young elf and spend time showing him tricks as he would pass through on errands between halls of the kaer. Sure, there were whisperings amongst some of the elves, but everyone knew that Jhonda felt responsible for the boy’s mother’s death and let him carry on. In time, the young elf gained a strong friendship with Jhonda and, at Jhonda’s request, was allowed to train under him. The elf boy had a knack for shooting multiple fruit down from the trees in Shal’Minar with one shot – so who better to train him than one of the heroes of the guard?

From time to time, Flim would also help out with the training and show the boy a thing or two about the ways of the Warrior – and the brothers were able to teach the elf how the two disciplines can go well hand-in-hand. There are those in Khar’Rhuz and those in Shal’Minar who have a strong opinion about the relationship between these three individuals, but no one dares to speak it due to the high status that these two heroes of the kaer have. And no one would dare mess with the elf, for fear of punishment from the guard.


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