Obsidiman Weaponsmith



Dexterity (13): 6/D10 Perception (15): 6/D10
Strength (18): 7/D12 Willpower (16): 7/D12
Toughness (15): 6/D10 Charisma (7): 4/D6


Initiative: 6/D10 Physical Defense: 7
Physical Armor: 3+6 Spell Defense: 9
Mystic Armor: 2 Social Defense: 5
Death Rating: 56 Recovery Tests: 3
Wound Threshold: 13 Knockdown: 7/D12
Unconsciousness Rating: 45
Movement: 5


Karma Ritual (2)
Evaluate (2): 8/2D6
Steel Thought (3): 10/D10+D6
Forge Weapon (4): 10/D10+D6
Haggle (3): 7/D12
Item History (2): 8/2D6
Durability (3): (6/5)

Talent Options:
Melee Weapons (4): 10/D10+D6
Parry(3): 9/D8+D6


Artisan – Rune Engraving (2): 6/D10
Knowledge – Scourge History (1): 7/D12
Knowledge – Ancient Weapons (1): 7/D12
Speak Language (Thoralian, Obsidiman) (2): 8/2D6
Read/Write Language (Thoralian) (1): 7/D12
Tracking (1): 7/D12
Momentum Attack (2): 8/2D6
Search (1): 7/D12
Second Weapon (1): 7/D12


He gained consciousness attached to his Life Rock in the Thunder Mountains. He spent his first of nine seasons oblivious to the outside world. His Dreaming brought images of darkness, evil and pain as his brotherhood returned for communion. He learned all he could amid the thundering noises of the rocks around him. When the season ended, his Life Rock granted him a name: Cortex. As the name patterned itself into him, his mind clouded and then blinding light.

His Name is Cortex. He stared at his Life Rock seeing for the first time the large brown formation. All around him the rocks cried in blackness from some evil. Only his Life Rock had been spared the scarring. He stumbled walking towards the ravine and then the cave leading out of his mountains. Out of his home. He knew the path so clearly in his mind from his brotherhood. Slowly his steps became surer and he emerged from the cave to see a large expanse of green. What is this green? Grass and bushes and trees. He remembered the images and names given. Quiet. He put his hands to his head. So quiet. Too quiet. He started running, his heavy footsteps pounding on the ground. The thudding calmed him.

He found little to eat as he journeyed North. Eventually he came to a farm. A human man stood staring sadly at a horse lying on the ground. Cortex asked him what happened but the man just stared at him. Cortex asked again. The man finally spoke, “Are you an Obsidiman?”

“Yes.” Cortex replied.

“Ahh good, you do speak Throalian.” The farmer looked him over. “You must be fresh from your life rock.”

Cortex realized he had been speaking Obsidiman at first. “I am. How did you know?”

The farmer chuckled. “You have no clothing and there are very few who could take it from you.”

Cortex looked down and then looked at the farmer. “Yes. I should have clothes. The other NameGivers are more comfortable that way.” The information flowed from his memory and his stomach rumbled. “I am hungry. Have you food?”

“Indeed I do. But out here you need to barter or buy food. I have some work I need done and in exchange, I will give you food and a little money. Are you willing?” the farmer asked.

“I am weak. I don’t know that I can do work right now. Let me find some food and I shall return and accept your proposal.” Cortex bowed his head.

The farmer stepped forward and extended his hand. “The name is Lerod. Let me feed you and then you can work for that food plus some. My horse has just become lame and will need time to heal. I could use your strength to help get my crops planted.”

Cortex shook Lerod’s hand suddenly mindful that he is strong and should not crush the farmer’s hand. “I am Cortex. While your proposal feels odd to me, I will accept as long as I receive no more payment until I have first worked off a meal and earned more.”

Lerod smiled. “You may be the most honorable man in Barsaive. Come and eat.”

“I would not know.” Cortex said. “I’ve only met you.”

Lerod laughed.

Cortex spent two years with Lerod and his wife, Mary. Mary often said that his eyes of gold reflected his heart and Lerod would just laugh and warn him that many will take advantage of that. Cortex couldn’t stand the silence of the farmhouse at night so he slept mostly in the barn with the noisy animals. Towards the end of the second year Lerod said his plow blade needed repairs and he and Cortex set out to Servalen to get it fixed.

In Servalen Lerod found a man called a ‘blacksmith’ to fix his plow. As Cortex hauled the blade into the dingy shop, he heard the clang of metal on metal for the first time. He became entranced by the work the blacksmith did and loved the continuous pounding noise of the hammers. Shortly after that he entered an apprenticeship with that same blacksmith. Five years after that he specialized in weaponsmithing and found himself in Throal under a master there.

For the last year, Cortex had been communing with his Life Rock and recently emerged from the cave. He travelled North to stop and visit Lerod and Mary. Upon reaching their farm, he found the earth blackened and farmhouse in ashes. Only a year ago he had spent the night in the barn which now resembled the burned house. He walked slowly across the field towards the plow still resting halfway through a row. He knew the remains next to it belonged to Lerod. He could not bear to look for Mary and he howled with his loud voice to the sky. He collected what evidence he could find that might point him to the destroyers and placed it in a small pouch on his waist.

In his communion, his brotherhood emphasized their bond and loyalty to only each other. That the lives they lived were more about observation and experience. Cortex had felt renewed. But now, his heart crushed in emotion. Anger boiled and he vowed to right this wrong. Now he searches for answers.

But his quest has faltered and out of money he finds himself in Ardanyan. After making several inquiries, an elf weaponsmith by the name of Hardeaux agrees to take him as an apprentice for a while.


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