Eramos the Fallen

Windling Swordmaster (Bladesman specialization)



Dexterity (16): 7/D12 Perception (11): 5/D8
Strength (8): 4/D6 Willpower (11): 5/D8
Toughness (14): 6/D10 Charisma (16): 7/D12


Initiative: 5/D8 Physical Defense: 12
Physical Armor: 8 Spell Defense: 7
Mystic Armor: 5 Social Defense: 9
Death Rating: 50 Recovery Tests: 3
Wound Threshold: 10 Knockdown: 5/D8
Unconsciousness Rating: 39
Movement: 3/8 (Flying)


Karma Ritual (2)
Manuever (1): 8/2D6
Melee Weapons (3): 10/2D8
Parry (2): 9/D8+D6
Acrobatic Strike (3): 10/2D8
Durability[7/6] (3)
Heartening Laugh (2): 9/D8+D6

Talent Options:
Avoid Blow (2): 9/D8+D6
Taunt (2): 9/D8+D6
Search (0)


Artisan – Acting (1): 8/2D6
Knowledge – Legends and Heroes (1): 6/D10
Knowledge – Ancient Weapons (1): 6/D10
Speak Language (Dwarf, Windling) (1): 6/D10
Read/Write Language (Dwarf) (1): 6/D10
Diplomacy (1): 8/2D6
First Impression (1): 8/2D6
Second Attack (2): 9/D8+D6
Wound Balance (3): 7/D12


At the age of 2, my overly Curious nature got me into a world of trouble. My father was a wizard of some renown. I managed to sneak into his lab. Once in, I started poking around. I knocked a vial of some blackish fluid off of a shelf and it splashed onto my wings. This caused a transformation from the typical dragonfly wings into a single pair of black feathered wings. As far as I can tell it doesn’t affect my flight. However, the social implications were life altering.

I couldn’t handle training in the wizarding arts after that. My father was struggling to come to terms with my new appearance. Fellow windlings my own age would mock me. I got to the point where I no longer cared whether I lived or died.

News of my appearance spread like wild fire throughout the kaer. It was then that Marliena Swordsinger came for me. She offered to take me in. My father, not knowing what else to do, quickly accepted. Marliena taught me to see my wings, not as freakish, but as a boon. She showed me how to “own” my flaws rather than be “owned” by them.

My personality changed. I no longer doubted my self. The curiousity I had as a youth, came raging back. I was drawn to the dicipline of swordmaster. It was perfectly suited for my newfound confidence combined with my Unique apearance. I now view every challenge as a way to improve my mastery over the sword.

There was a downside to my newfound “freedom”. I feel confined in this kaer. I yearn to see whats outside. How might my skills be tested out there.

Eramos the Fallen

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