Ork Nethermancer




Dexterity (11): 5/D8 Perception (16): 7/D12
Strength (11): 5/D8 Willpower (15): 6/D10
Toughness (14): 6/D10 Charisma (11): 5/D8


Initiative: 5/D8 Physical Defense: 7
Physical Armor: 3 Spell Defense: 10
Mystic Armor: 2 Social Defense: 7
Death Rating: 44 Recovery Tests: 3
Wound Threshold: 10 Knockdown: 5/D8
Unconsciousness Rating: 34
Movement: 6


Spellcasting (3): 10/D10+D6
Threadweaving (3): 10/D10+D6
Karma Ritual (2)
Spell Matrix (2)
Astral Sight (1): 8/2D6
Read/Write Magic (3): 10/D10+D6
Durability(4/3) (2)

Talent Options:
Spell Matrix (2)
Spell Matrix (2)


Artisan – Bone Carving (1): 6/D10
Knowledge – Alchemy/Potions (2): 9/D8+D6
Knowledge – Botany (2): 9/D8+D6
Speak Language (Dwarf, Ork) (1): 8/2D6
Read/Write Language (Dwarf) (1): 8/2D6
Physician (2): 9/D8+D6
Disguise (1): 8/2D6
Fishing (2): 9/D8+D6
Rhetoric (1): 8:2D6


Circle 1:

Spell Name Threads Weaving /Reattuning Difficulty Casting Difficulty Range Duration Effect
Astral Spear 1 6/12 TSD 48 yds 1 Round WIL+6 (Mystic)
Bone Dance 1 7/15 TSD 10 yds Rank+3 Round WIL+4
Chilling Circle 2 6/15 TSD Touch Rank+6 min D6 (Mystic)
Command Nightflyer 1 5/13 TSD 48 yds Rank+3 min WIL+2
Detect Undead 0 NA/7 TSD Touch Rank+3 Min 30 yd Radius WIL+5
Dry and Wet 1 7/8 TSD 14 yds 1 Round WIL+4
Experience Death 1 6/12 TSD 20 yds Rank+3 Rounds WIL+5
Insect Repellent 1 6/7 6 Touch Rank+3 Min WIL+5
Mount Scare 1 5/13 TSD 20 yds Rank+5 Rounds Spooks Mount
Putrefy 0 NA/9 TSD 24 yds 1 round Putrefies Food
Spirit Dart 0 NA/7 TSD 10 yds 1 round WIL+2 (Mystic)
Spirit Grip 0 NA/7 TSD Touch 1 round WIL+6 (Physical)
Undead Struggle 0 NA/7 TSD 4 yds Rank+3 rounds WIL+4 (Mystic)

Circle 2:

Spell Name Threads Weaving /Reattuning Difficulty Casting Difficulty Range Duration Effect
Bone Circle 3 6/17 9 Touch Rank+3 Months WIL+5
Detect Nethermancy Magic 2 5/15 6 Self Rank+10 min WIL+6
Ethereal Darkness 1 8/16 TSD Touch Rank+6 Rounds Magical Darkness
Fog Ghost 2 6/15 TSD 10 yds Rank+3 Rounds Summons fog ghost
Life Circle of One 2 6/15 6;TSD Touch Rank+3 min WIL+5/Mystic
Pocket Guardian 3 7/13 TSD Self Rank+1 Day Summons spirit guardian
Repel Animal 2 6/13 6 6 yds Rank+1 hour WIL+6
Shadow’s Whisper 1 6/11 6 100 yds Rank+3 min WIL+6
Shield Mist 1 6/13 TSD Self Rank+3 Round WIL+6

Circle 3:

Spell Name Threads Weaving /Reattuning Difficulty Casting Difficulty Range Duration Effect
Arrow of Night 1 7/15 6 Touch 1 round +8 missile damage test bonus
Dark Messenger 1 7/15 TSD Touch Rank hours Sends a nightflyer to deliver a message
Death Trance 2 7/12 TSD Touch Rank+3 hours Puts target into hibernation
Death’s Head 1 7/14 TSD Self Rank+5 rounds WIL+5
Dispel Nethermancy Magic 1 6/13 6 30 yds 1 Round WIL
Fog of Fear 2 8/18 6 24 yds Rank+6 rounds WIL+5
Grave Message 4 7/19 6+ 100 miles Rank days Sends a message to a Nethermancer
Pack Bags 1 7/11 6 6 yds 1 round WIL-1
Pain 0 NA/11 TSD 4 yds Rank+3 rounds WIL
Preserve 2 7/12 6 Touch Rank+ days Stops target decay
Shadow Meld 2 7/15 TSD Touch Rank minutes WIL+6
Spirit Double 1 11/19 10 Self Rank+10 minutes Creates a spirit double of caster
Summon Bone Ghost 1 7/12 9 4 yds Rank+1 minute Summons a bone spirit

Circle 4:

Spell Name Threads Weaving /Reattuning Difficulty Casting Difficulty Range Duration Effect
Astral Flare 2 7/17 6 Self Rank+5 rounds WIL+6
Blood Servitor 2 7/17 8 Rank miles Rank hours Creates a flying servant
Dark Spy 1 10/20 TSD 10 yds Rank minutes Sees through a nightflyer’s eyes
Spirit Servant 3 8/20 TSD Touch Rank+3 days Summons a spirit servant

At first glance this ork looks like a typical ork but then one notices that his garb is covered in bones and runes of death. Here lies a Nethermancer, one who knows about and to a point can control death. Rumor has it that an ork’s parents died years ago and the ork latched onto the a recluse nethermancer living near the lake. No one knows exactly why this ork clung to the nethermancer and spends more time with him rather then his own kind. The Ork Nation was willing to take the boy in and care for him but for some strange reason the boy stayed with Brelduin and learned of death.

The boy grew up in the home of the nethermancer and learned and studied with him. No one really knows why the master took this child in but rumors fly of a death pact between the two or of the need of a sacrifice for some great nethermancer ritual. But as the years passed people looked over the reason since the nethermancers kept to themselves and the people kept out of the way of the nethermancers. This was a mutual agreeable relationship with both the parties involved.

The boy visited his people a few times each year. The ork people took him in and tried to teach him their ways and customs but it seemed as if the boy only wanted to return to his master and keep training. People wondered if Brelduin wanted the boy to be trained as an ork or just get the boy out of the house to get the peace and quite he wanted.

The boy grew and became a proficient nethermancer. But he was eager for more knowledge of life and death. He was eager to learn more about life and death and trained hard to be the best he could be. When the call for him to help the kaer came he was eager to help. Gerneck looked up to the the man Brelduin but upon seeing his nethermancer master close to death with wounds all over his body, his faith wavered. Some power within himself was telling him there was more to life and death then he was being told. The power within him begged to be used to even greater extent. But how could he place his trust in something he doesn’t understand over the teachings of the man that has helped him through his most troubling times. Gerneck shows little on the outside but is being torn apart on the inside.

Upon looking at the ork one cannot tell much but the question asked most of all is, “What happened to his left ear?”


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