Troll Warrior



Dexterity (16): 7/D12 Perception (10): 5/D8
Strength (19): 8/2D6 Willpower (14): 6/D10
Toughness (18): 7/D12 Charisma (8): 4/D6


Initiative: 6/D10 Physical Defense: 10
Physical Armor: 5 Spell Defense: 6
Mystic Armor: 3 Social Defense: 5
Death Rating: 69 Recovery Tests: 3
Wound Threshold: 12 Knockdown: 8/2D6
Unconsciousness Rating: 55
Movement: 7


Melee Weapons (3): 10/D10+D6
Wood skin (2): 9/D8+D6
Karma Ritual (2)
Avoid Blow (2): 9/D8+D6
Anticipate Blow (1): 6/D10
Durability (3): (9/7)
Unarmed Combat (1): 8/2D6

Talent Options:
Parry (2): 9/D8+D6
Air Dance (2): 9/8 D8+D6/2D6


Artisan – Rune Carving (1): 5/D8
Knowledge – Creature Lore (1): 6/D10
Knowledge – Military Org (1): 6/D10
Speak Language (Dwarf, Troll) (1): 6/D10
Read/Write Language (Troll) (1): 6/D10
Second Attack (3): 10/D10+D6
Momentum Attack (2): 9/D8+D6
Detect Traps (1): 6/D10
Tracking (1): 6/D10
Hunting (1): 8/2D6


BIO: My personal story
I am normal, my dad is alive, my moms are alive, even the family pet is alive. I am about average hight, weight, and looks. I had some friends as a child, I wasn’t the worst, and I wasn’t the best even though I tried hard. It doesn’t make for a dramatic story but I have had my near death scrapes, bullies fought, and mothers kissed. I grew up in the traditional troll way, under the strong hands of my mothers, helping with everything they needed. They took care of all the support for the fighting troops. Food, shelter, weapons, armor, supplies, medical, garbage, toilets, blacksmithing, farming, clothing, herding, hunting, transportation, finances, raising new warriors, and all the other small details of any community and army.
My father is a bone horn, that is equal to a dwarven general. I am desireous to achieve that goal and hopefully the great horn as well (clan leader). I helped all of my mothers with their various responsibilities and to my surprise I really enjoyed the management side of the army. The old men who taught us to fight also did the hunting. I enjoyed hunting and tried to kill with my ax the local deer, bear, and other animals in the area. The old men also taught me about traps, tracking, and the various creatures from their vast experience in the world.
My childhood taught me how to be a warrior. It taught me to never lie. Honor means to keep your word. Honor is the one thing a troll will never violate. I would rather die than not do a thing I gave my word I would do or signed a contract to do. When I reached the age of Soko (18), I left the camp with my families blessing, my armor, supplies, and my Ax. These were my parting words…
“I am going out into the world as a Soko of the clan Shinu. I will destroy many enemies. I will gather great wealth. I will build an army. I will return to take my place as a leader among the Shinu clan or I will die on that path. I will bring Honor to myself, my Clan, and my Race.”

Back ground for Soko Korose Shinu

The Troll clan that he comes from is the Shinu Clan (Cathay translation is Death Clan)
His name is Korose (Cathay translation is Killer, this is a common name variant)
His Rank in the Clan is Soko (Cathay translation is Sole, as in bottom of foot)

Troll Clan Rankings
(Child) – in training to be a Warrior.

Warrior Ranks
Soko (Bottom/Sole) – reached manhood, sent out to earn money and experience
Te (claw) – private
(tusk) – Corporal
O (Grand Tusk) – Sargeant
(Horn) – lieutenant
(Curled Horn) – captain
(Bone Horn) – General
O (Great Horn) – Clan leader

As a record of Battles our clan collects bones and makes beads out of them. I carve runes into the bone about the fights and battles. The difficulty and size of the fight or battle will determine which bone I use. Normal easy fights are a finger or foot bone. Hard or difficult battle would be a leg or arm bone. A battle that I lose or almost die on but the group help with is a rib bone. A battle that is epic or a very high ranking person use a skull piece. We wear one strand of bones the rest are kept in pouches or a chest. Each warrior displays the strand how they choose, some weave it in their hair, wear it as a necklace or bracelet, and some keep them hidden. At ceremonies they are worn to honor the dead and the warrior. An animal bone, shell or other object is used to record the bones not worn. The animal bone is updated once a year and is dyed or of a different color than bone.

We are sent out as Soko to learn, accumulate wealth, and recruit from outside the clan.
To buy back into the clan we need a certain amount of money, pass a test and followers sworn to obey you.

Position Money claws Tusks Grand Horns curled
Claw 100 - - - - -
Tusk 500 2 - - - -
Grand Tusk 1000 4 1 - - -
Horn 2500 8 2 1 - -
Curled Horn 5000 16 4 2 1 -
Bone Horn 10000 32 8 4 2 1

*Magic Users *
There is also a core of magic users that advance by purpose. Magic users Rank 4 report to the Bone Horn directly all other ranks report to Rank 4.
Rank 1 Defensive – primarily focuses on defensive spells for the warriors
Rank 2 Offensive – Primarily focuses on Offensive spells against the enemy – backup Rank 1
Rank 3 Medical – Primarily focuses on healing and restoring the warriors to get back into battle – back up rank 1+2
Rank 4 Command – Primarily focuses on commanding other magic users and assisting with all needs Back up Ranks 1,2,+3

Honor to self first – to live with honesty – never lie to yourself
Honor to clan – complete all contracts – never lie to others
Honor to Race – death before dishonor

Paramount is the completion of what you said you would do (the contract) you may use any means that has honor to accomplish it. no where does it say you have to obey the laws of the land, can’t ambush, backstab or trick someone. The only thing you can’t do is Lie. You can bend the truth, withhold info, or misdirect but anything you say or sign must be truth.

People without honor we don’t kill. We maim and brand. Humans are held in contempt as without honor until proven to have it. They lie, cheat, and betray at the drop of a hat. The other races seem to have better honor to varying degrees.


All of society is based on the military. The baby is called such till about 2 years old. Once he is able to pick up a metal sword. He is promoted to Child. A child’s duty is to herd the animals, assist in various positions throughout the clan that helps support the warriors. An older child 8 years and up would also be responsible to defend the camps.

There is no limit to the number of wives you may have, the more children the better. That way you have more that will fill your ranks. Marriage is a contract that if it is broken the offending party leaves with armor and weapons. A woman offers herself to the clan for marriage and those who can afford it present their offer for the woman. Not only physical assets are looked at. A Soko can not marry.

The Honor Troop – group of really old men that wish to die in battle – use as shock troops, group to break a line or other use to allow to die. Their death is followed with a bellow from the rest of the troops. Shock and awe.

All the jobs that are not warrior are filled by children, women, and injured or older men. From Financial Officer, logistics, transport, training of children, etc.


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