Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Cortex makes a better Door
an account by Benoni

So we now find ourselves on the Edge of the Bloodwood, and I am not sure how I feel. I am numb, since we came upon the caravan a day ago, I have been numb. Was that woman really my birth Mother? I know that she was a traitor to our people but at the same time knowing that even as she died she never wanted harm to come to her baby, changes me.

I am grateful for Gerneck keeping this from the others, for I myself am not sure what to think or how to act. Maybe the book that was found under her body will give us clues as to why she was killed, if we ever can find someone to read it that we can trust. Why did I not pay more attention while growing up to learn to read Elf, instead of spending all my time shoot the apples in the orchards. As a fighter I know that wounds heal and scars fade, so surly these feeling will do the same.

Earlier in the week we stayed at an inn at a crossroads, at which we were attacked in the middle of the night. I am not sure why the Orcs thought that it was a good idea to rob us but they tried. I feel that if they were there to just kill us then surely both attackers on each of us would be going for the kill and save the pickings until later, but can you expect common since from a thief?

Of course you are an idiot if you think that you can sneak up on an Elf. I was easily awaken as they clamored in the room and quickly surprised them taking one down to the floor with a single attack, and yelled at the Troll to awake to Arms. As I turned my attention on the other assailant, I noticed the first thought to stand and try his luck once more. I thrust my sword through his middle killing him and knocked the other out. I then noticed that the Troll had heard my call to arms and was chasing one of the Orcs down the hall.

Hearing commotion from the next room I entered with swords at the ready, whoever wanted out would first have to face me. I got one good attack in before the Troll decided to push into the fight, I was doing fine. Trying to regain my footing I tried to avoid a deadly blow from one of the foes, when I slipped in the blood and lost my footing. Which allowed the blow to land true and it sank deep.

That was I could recall until a day later when I woke, we spent that day in the inn and left when I was well enough to ride.

The Fallen Logs - 7th Entry
The long road.

Traveling the same road for 18 days is so boring. Tree after tree after tree. To make things worse my companions were dismal. Korose spent the whole time grumbling about strategy or who knows what else. Gerneck, well Gerneck’s always been reclusive. Cotex has been doing some soul search as to what it means to be an obsidiman. I mean it was almost like Cortex wasn’t even there for the whole trip. Even Benoni was a little grimmer dwelling on thoughts of revenge and fingering those special arrows of his.

I suppose we had to make this trip though. We were able to find someone who would help us discover more about our items, but he required a task as payment. We had to travel too the blood wood and deliver a package to the elves there. He better own up, we have to make this trip again to get back!

The trip wasn’t entirely boring though. We came across an inn with an ugly troll matron. She was a stooge. I tried to start a bar fight to liven up the place and she threatened to break my legs. Only just to sit back and watch others start one five minutes later. How rude! With nothing better to do we went to bed.

That night some morons tried to jump us. I’m come on, like I would be surprised! This blood pebble armor paid off, not only do they look sweet, but I didn’t have to worry about donning armor since the pebbles are part of me now. And since I sleep in my cloak, all I had to do was grab my scimitar and I was ready to dance! Turns out the were 8 of them, four in each of our rooms. Guess they thought they could take us if they played double coverage. like they could even hit me. I danced, spun, flipped, and twirled around them all the while slashing away with sword and tongue. They got lucky a ckouple of times, but my blood pebbles took care of that. I caused more damage to myself by over taxing my abilities than they did to me. Unfortunalety benoni and gerneck weren’t so lucky. They both went down, while we cleaned up the rest. I cleaned out there pockets while Korose tended the wounded.

With that fun ended, we spent time recovering from our wounds, then slept in a little the next day. Then we were on our way again. Once again the road can get so boring. Fate was kind again, we saw some smoke above the tree line and rushed to investigate. It was another burned caravan. We search around but didn’t find anything at first. Gerneck did his dead spell thing while korose managed to find some book under a body. Gerneck said it was a woman who watched her child murdered by a monster before her eyes. Gerneck acted even stranger when he pulled benoni aside and whispered somtheing. Benoni acted shocked the immediately set about digging a grave and buried a body. Did he know the person or something? And why keep it from the rest of us?

With nothing left to do there, we pressed on and eventually found ourselves before the blood wood. Who knows what the wood will have in store for us…

Return to Excellence
Troll example

Return to Excellence
It took a couple days but we finally left on our contract. The first 7 days were uneventful I worry that I may have started to loose the edge. We passed several excellent places for ambush and we were always extra alert for those. We rode in a fashion that would reduce the advantages of an ambush. We divided into two groups one in the front and one in the back. There was some concern over the 27 yards we were separated by but I assured them we were well within a quick assist.
We finally came to a small town in the middle of no where. We stabled our mounts I had forgotten how expensive it was to stable such a large mount. Makes me wish I could have ridden a horse.
We each went to our own area’s in the tavern. Benoni lost some money at a gaming table, Gerneck went and discussed things with some orcs who suspiciously looked like orc scorchers. I was contemplating killing them when I noticed a few trolls at another table and I over heard that there were some in the bar looking for work. I took the one drink of watered down alcohol that I ever allowed myself and felt them out. They were interested in regaining honor with their clan and I suggested that by fighting with us they could regain their honor through our clan.
They accepted that they would go and check it out. I gave them my fathers name and told them to use my name. I will have my first two recruits once they reach my home.
We then went to bed Benoni and I shared a room and the others were in another room. Pretty nice place but the wake up service was excellent. I awoke to a shout from benoni I must have been more tired than I thought because there were two unintelligent beings next to my bed and one of them half heartedly had tried to stab me. Luckily for me he didn’t anticipate that I had worn my armor to bed. Those orc Scorchers had me a little on edge. I practically danced out of bed as I let my fighting skills take over it was like waking up from a great dream and finding out it isn’t a dream. The idiot who had tried to stab me now has a split personality. I then changed my focus to the one searching my stuff. I hit him once and he noticed that his other three companions were down so he screamed in some language and ran.
I chased after him and caught him half way down the hall, It was pretty. I returned to see how our companions were doing. I found benoni standing in the door way engaged in combat with two opponents. I tried to upset them by shoving benoni into one of them but his cloak got caught up with my axe and spoiled my attack on the one to the right. Unfortunately my attempt to help benoni caused him to be off balance and he received what I would even call a nice attack. He fell to the ground. I was of mixed feelings about this. I Hate to have a companion go down but I also loved the opportunity to kill a few more. So seizing the opportunity I quickly cut down the one directly in front of me and stepping around benoni I dispatched his man as well. Obviously the hit on benoni was just a lucky hit.
The last night bandit took a neat little cut from the wingling and fled as quickly as he could. I was able to catch him and gave the coward what he deserved, an axe in the back. At this the Inn’s owner stepped up because of the commotion and said, “because you killed these people in my inn you must clean it up.”
“What kind of security do you provide to your clients you should have broken a few more legs.”
“They rented a room, I don’t control any of my clients.” She said as she went back down stairs.
I returned upstairs to find that one of the guys benoni had dispatched wasn’t really dead. So I finished him off and then went into the other bed room. The wingling flew off of one of the dead and left the room. I went over to see what I could do for benoni and Gerneck. Gerneck was awake fairly quickly but was too weak to do much. He bound his wounds and then benoni’s. Their immediate needs taken care of I decided that I should search the dead for items of value and any clues they may have as to why they attacked us. They really were poor examples of bandits. I stripped the bodies of their weapons the only thing that they had of value.
Taking the bodies out of the tavern I dumped them in a refuse pile behind the inn. I then hauled buckets of water up and poored them over the blood till the the red was sufficiently dispersed through the floor boards or down the stairs. Returning to the rooms I noticed that the wingling was hovering around benoni’s feet fingering that little tooth pick he calls a sword. I gather Benoni up and place him in his bed. I relock our door and slide benoni’s bed in front of it. hoping the noise of someone opening the door would be enough to wake me. I then went to sleep myself.
I awoke to the sun hitting my face. I noticed that benoni was finally awake. I went down stairs to find that it was almost time for lunch. I gathered up some food for me and benoni and returned upstairs. After the meal benoni looked somewhat better. I found a place that would pay a moderate sum for the 8 swords.
So we set out again. Not wanting to tempt their hospitality any further. The wingling had searched the dead last night first and collected all their coins. So we each shared out the results of the battle but soon enough we were alone on the dusty trail.
Both Gerneck and Benoni healed up over the next few days as we continued our journey. If there had been more things to kill I would have considered it a very pleasant time, even with the wingling’s constant squeeking. Those two trolls did have a point about killing winglings.
We came upon another column of smoke which turned out to be four wagons burned down to ashes. I searched around the burn site in several growing circles and could find nothing out of the ordinary. It either wasn’t there or I missed it.
Gerneck experienced another death this time of a woman. She saw the same large monster then she saw her baby being taken, tortured and killed just before she herself suffocated. I searched some of the bodies and only found a book under the woman. Gerneck really wanted it so establishing that he would either give it back or pay me for it’s value I reluctantly gave it up. If not for the silver itself there could be some valuable information contained in the book, Like a location of treasure or opportunities to win in glorious battles. There could be anything in books.
I searched around the wagons one last time for tracks and still didn’t find anything. So we continued our journey.

Disgraceful Showing

Disgraceful entry
I would have enjoyed the trip on the flying ship if the wingling hadn’t been flying from every negative comment by every person in the tight hold. Telling each one how spacious the head room is in there. He just doesn’t even consider how tall I am in a human sized ship then he would break out in those little songs trying to cheer everyone up. Sometimes his voice sounds like a cat sitting on a fence when it is in heat, I would like to reach out wring it’s little neck, skin it, cook it and eat it. I would have stopped at the cook it and started at the skin it for the wingling if he had come close enough for me to catch him. Now that we are out of the ship and walking our way to Haven he is much more agreeable.
On the way to Haven we came across a village that was looking to hire some hero’s. I thought we fit the bill nicely even though the pay out wasn’t quite as good as I would have hoped. We accepted the contract to go and kill whatever was were plaguing them. I was able to track the monsters to a grouping of trees. I regret to say that we were dumb, especially since I knew better. My father would have taken the flat of his axe to my backside. Instead of doing some proper scouting we clumped up into a close easy target and almost ran into the tree’s looking for our death, and I would have deserved it.
I was immediately captured in a web shot out from a giant spider. I was totally unable to use my axe or throw the cask of oil that I had ready. The spider then attacked me and being restrained I was lucky to have not been knocked over or had my head bitten off. If I had been alone or even if Cortex had fallen to the same trap the results could have been very different. But he didn’t, he distracted the spider from continuing his attack on me, which probably saved my life, don’t tell Cortex he will never forget it. I tried three times to break free from the webbing. While Cortex killed the first spider and started on the second. Finally the webs seemed to dissolve and I was free. I was so full of anger at my self and at the spiders that I charged aggressively at the remaining spider and with one mighty swing finished off what Cortex had started. The others helped cortex a little too.
I will make two beads, the first from the leg of the exoskeleton of the spider I finished off and I will make note of the assistance from Cortex on the bead. Second I will take a piece that I can show that I would most likely have lost the battle except for my excellent companion, and the others, of course. I will tell how Cortex the rock man saved the battle while I could have been defeated with out him, as is our custom.
In our future encounters I will strive to be more careful in planning our battle strategies so we look less like a group of overconfident peasants.
We returned, received our reward and spent a day to allow me to heal up. We then went on to Haven which someone pointed out was a lot closer than they had told us. We contacted a magic user who would tell us all about our three items if we went and got something for him. It was a long way away. I bought some booster potions with letter of credit. I finished healing up and meditated on some talents and waited for the others to get ready.

Airships and spiders... oh my.

So here we were, at a crossroads. We could back track and try and find Leldrin or Argathiel or we could head off towards Haven and look for Benoni’s mother and the man who knows about items. We decided to go towards Haven and see what opportunities that can afford. We decided to fly by airship. It was an awe inspiring moment. I had seen the airship in the Kaer on occasion, but to be in the open air and to have the chance to ride in one was amazing. It wasn’t until after we got on and spent most of our time in cramped quarters that it really got miserable. It was fun to get on deck and walk around until the ship started to lose it’s magical properties. I don’t know what was going on but the airmen and the ship’s magician were running around frantically trying to fix the problem. THe only thing the captain could do was land and try and fix the ship on the ground. They made a peaceful landing and we were forced to exit the ship. Since it was dark we decided to make camp right next to the ship.

In the morning we asked the caption how far it was to Bartertown. He said that it was about a two and a half day journey to the town. The town of Tureem was on the way. He told us it would take some time to fix his ship so we decided to head out towards Tureem. We heard that it was the place where Benoni’s mother was last staying. When we arrived at the town, all of the inhabitants were relieved and looked as if they had been expecting us. We went to a tavern to rest, see what was going on and see if anyone knew about Benoni’s mom. I was intrigued with what was going on so I put Shadow’s Whisper into one of my spell matrices. I was able to overhear a group saying that they couldn’t believe that we had shown up and were so glad that we had. Just as I was abbot to inform my friends the mayor of the town came to us and welcomed us to town. He has glad that we had finally arrived and was wondering when we could be off to help him. We told him that we didn’t know what was going on and that we were just passing through. He told us of the town’s plight and that there were some monsters attacking the townsfolk. He offered us some money and a discount at the general store. We debated amongst ourselves and decided to accept his proposal.

There was time left in the day so we headed out. We tracked some big spider prints into a wooded area and tracked them into a corpse of trees with the remains Namegives and animals alike. We figured that this was the creates lair and continued on slowly. When we got close to the remains Korose got entangled in a frosty web substance and two giant spiders came out in front of us. The creatures were a weird mixture of spider and human. The body of the creature was of a spider but had the head of a human with blank black eyes. It seemed like the creatures had taken care of Korose and started to foxes on Cortex. Cortex was able to defend against whatever the spider things threw at him but the rest of us were able to charge forward and attack. Benoni rushed forward towards a spider and I followed up and attacked it with my Spirit Grip. I was able to make it go down. I could see Korose try to break out of his bonds but failed. The creatures were able to quickly respond and still tried to concentrate on Cortex. We kept up the attacks and were able to drive them back. One went down by the time Korose was able to escape his binds. We were able to make quick work of the let one before too much harm to us. We were able to recover some items from the remains of the Namegivers and I was able to recover some parts of the spiders to keep or sell, I haven’t decided yet. We returned to the town of Tureem and receive our reward. We stayed the night and then continued on our journey towards Bartertwon.

I thought it would still be about a two day journey to get there but to my surprise we arrived midday after we left Tureem. This seemed very odd to me. We asked about how far it was to Tureem and it was about a half day journey and then we asked how far it was to the mountains and it was about two and a half day journey. The timing seemed very odd to me and I’ll have to think more about it when I have some time.

We approached some people and asked how to get to Hiermon. We made his way to the shop and was greeted by a fine looking Ork woman. we asked to see Hiermon and I assured her that we meant no harm. She winked at him and in that moment I knew something passed between us. We were taken to see Hiermon and asked about the items we found. He said that he would examine them for us but that we needed to accomplish a task for him first. He asked us to travel to the Blood Wood and deliver a treasure to the bluff elves and return with a rare plant. Hiermon was the only man who could identify Benoni’s bow and his was his only price. We decided that we had no choice so we accepted. He gave us a store credit and allowed us to equip ourselves before we left. He would provide the mounts but it would still be an eighteen day journey one way. This was going to be a long trip. Too bad that Ork chick couldn’t come with us.

Some Needed Exercise
an account by Benoni

For being the unwilling son of a Trader, that weapon Smith sure knows his stuff. My swords have never been so balanced, which I noticed when I picked them up before meeting the others at the Airship.

The airship was not what I expected, for one thing it was packed to the brim, and the only place for some room was up on deck. I was just thinking that an airship was the way to travel, cutting Days sometimes even weeks off of any journey, when the ship started to shake. We were told that everything was fine, but I could tell that was a lie. Workers only move that fast when their lives depend on it.

The ship did land safely and we decided not to wait for it to be repaired, trusting to our own two feet, which has never failed me yet.

About ½ a days journey from the landing site we spotted a small town and decided to see what we could find out about the area. The town was the same one that I was told my Mother moved too, but when I asked about her, I found out that she had again moved on and that that Silver hair Devil was looking for her too, just days earlier. But I could not focus on that now, these villagers and bigger problems. Some creature from a nightmare was killing passersby and villages alike. They had sent for some adventures but they had not shown yet, and they had be expected days earlier. Well lucky for them I wanted to try my newly forged swords out on something and hearing that that traitor was trying to find my mother burned inside. I needed to have something to focus my rage and these Spider like creatures would be perfect.

Eager, we left the comfort of the villages inn and into the forest. With my War bow half drawn I prepared to shoot at anything that moved, but saw nothing until we came to a corpse of trees with the remains of beasts and namegivers.
Knowing that this must be the lair we proceeded slowly, but not enough, for Korose was surprised and was entangled in a barbed web of some kind. Knowing that a main warrior was temporary down, I quickly fired my bow and hit one of the creatures. Then wasting no time I bared my blades and entered into the melee. The newly forged blades were sharper and they found their target with ease. Taking the one Spider down I went to aid Cortex with the another monster and together we made short work of Nightmare.

After finding what we could, we took proof that the monsters had been dealt with back to town and received the reward that was offered. I would like to have told them to keep what they offered, but to tell the truth I feel that we are going to have some rough times ahead and would need supplies. So I made sure that I used the money and bought the need supplies from the local dealer.

The next day we went on to Haven, and found the one that could tell us about the items we found back in the vault of the traitors. He promised to help us but it would require a quest. But not any quest, one that would take us to the Blood Wood in the West. Were the once glorious Queen of the Elves lived, before the horror changed them to the Creatures they are now. I admit, this will not be easy for me. My adoptive parents used stories of these elves to frighten me of what would happen if I was not good.

The Ground Below
Beats the Air Above

After some deliberation, it was decided that we would fly to Haven and Tureem to get answers and look for Benoni’s mother. While I didn’t like the idea of leaving the solid ground, the others seemed insistent on getting there as fast as possible. I reluctantly agreed. We paid the fair and were crammed into a small compartment for takeoff. It probably wouldn’t have been a small compartment for most other groups but with me and Korose, space was limited.

Being so far from the ground caused my stomach great upheaval and the captain was none too pleased that I appeared more green than brown. But soon bad things started happening as some of the magic which holds the airship aloft was failing and the ship was falling. We set down in a narrow valley and were told that it would take days to fix the problem. The captain gave us a rough idea as to where we had landed on my map. He then pointed us in the direction of Tureem and then beyond that Haven.

The rest of the group were anxious to continue our journey on foot instead of wait for the airship. While waiting caused me no problem, I preferred the ground and agreed to set off. It took little time to actually reach Tureem where our welcome was quite unexpected. They hailed us and gave us food and drink. We were treated as though they knew we were coming and this discomfited me. We inquired of the mayor of the town when he finally came. It turns out they had requested a band of adventurers to rid them of some evil creatures that had been terrorizing the town. Other bands had come and set out to kill the creatures but never returned. Their reward was small but these people were in need of help.

Benoni took the opportunity to ask about his mother only to find out she had been killed by the creatures the last time they came into town. His grief and betrayal are now unresolved. I fear this will lead him to foolish behavior in the future. We agreed to pause our journey to help this town and set off to encounter the creatures.

The forest we had been pointed to consumed us quickly and our guard was up. After travelling the dark wood for a while we came upon a clearing. We could see the remains of adventurers on the ground and we approached cautiously. Suddenly, Korose became bound in a silverly web. I steeled my mind against magic and two large horror creations emerged. I recognized them by their human head and giant spider bodies. Abominations.

The battle ensued and my mental focus against their magic minimized my effectiveness in combat but my companions did their best. It wasn’t until both spider-beings were most incapacitated that Korose managed to free himself. After which we swiftly dispatched both creatures. We searched the remains and then returned to the village. We collected our reward and headed onward to Haven.

In Haven we found bustling commerce. Much more than I would have expected on the edge of the forgotten city. We inquired and were led to the man who could help identify the objects we had acquired. His price was high but he offered to do the work in exchange for us completing a quest for him. We had to complete a trade with the corrupted elves of the north wood. I swallowed my revulsion at the thought of dealing with those too weak to withstand the horrors. They had betrayed the way of the elf and I knew Benoni too would be struggling with this mission.

For compensation we got a credit at the weapon store and I decided to add a crossbow to my arsenal. A ranged attack should enable me to be of better benefit to my group. The adventure that awaits us fills me with some trepidation. I am continuing to put myself in danger when it must be me who takes over as Elder for my LifeRock. The rest of my brotherhood had gone missing when the time for my emergence arrived. I knew I must carry on but I feel as though the path before me is destined, if one were to believe in such things.

The Fallen Logs - 6th Entry
Windlings have wings for a reason!

I’ve decided I hate flying! What you think that’s crazy seeing as how I have wings and can fly. Well let me explain…

As I mentioned in my last entry, we spent a week in Bartertown training, researching, forging, etc. Interestingly enough, during that week, I learned that my sword is more than a mere enhanced blade, however before I can unlock more of it’s secrets I have to discover it’s name. Very well… I, Eramos the Fallen do dub thee Giant Metal Toothpick! hmm, well that name didn’t work. Guess I’ll have to do some more research to find it’s name. The group was set on going towards Parlynth, Benoni’s got a pretty big grudge or something like that, he’s more grouchy than normal. Almost starting to sound like the troll. I swear if Korose doesn’t get to kill and or at least maim something then he gets really really grouchy. Best tread lightly around that one. On our last day in Bartertown, we all went and picked up our weapons and met up at the air ship.

What a strange sight. Looks almost like a boat for the water, but here it was on land! We all climbed aboard and I was almost immediately wary for the ship creaked and groaned unnaturally. I about lost my lunch when Cortex stepped on and the whole ship lurched to the side until the crew managed to balance out the ship.

We took off and things only got worse. I spent most of my time in my cabin. Didn’t these shipbuilders no anything about riding the air currents. It feels like we are just ramming our way through them with all the bumping and jostling the ship is doing. I really think i’m going to…

Sorry had to clean a spot on my parchment there. That last bump made me lose my lunch. Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ll take a nice feathery Roak for my extended flying trips over an airship anyday. Regardless of speed differences.

About halfway into our journey, supposedly 2 days or so away from Haven (by foot), the ship started to jerk really bad. So bad that the captain put her down to look for damage. Apparently the damage was so bad that it would take 3 days to repair. We could walk the rest way faster. The captain also told us about a village only a Half a day away by foot. We decided to head there first.

This village new how to treat guests! You would think we fended off two score of Ork Scorchers with out the reacted to our arrival. Turns out they had sent for mercenaries to deal with a problem of some monsters reeking havoc on their village. Lucky for them, we arrived before some less experienced newb showed up and got himself killed. Seeing no other outsiders but us, they offered us the contract. We accepted. We followed a narrow trail from the village that led deeper in the forest.

We eventually came to a strange copse of trees. There was something suspicious about them so we all slowed and started to investigate. Before we knew what happened, Korose was enveloped in a huge web and two giant hairy spiders rushed us! Giant Hairy Spiders! Talk about nightmares… Luckily the spiders weren’t very smart. From what I gather from watching Cortex’ reactions, they kept trying to cast a spell towards him. But Cortex must have some sort of mental shield for their spells failed. The rest of us didn’t wait around. Using some quite impressive acrobatic moves, I twisted, twirled, flipped, and spun around one of the spiders and (since he didn’t have a tow) gave him a good poke in that giant behind.

Benoni, Gerneck, Cortex and I made short work of the spiders (Korose spent the whole time cursing and grunting, as he obviously wasn’t strong enough to break the web). With the spiders dead we made our way back to the village with the news and our reward. The reward wasn’t great, but let’s be honest, I have more money in my pack than this whole town has most likely. After the small celebration, they told us that Haven was only another half a days journey away. Huh!? I swear the Captain said at least two days, strange, oh well, obviously the captain was mistaken.

We left the village and made our way to Haven. I’ll never get used to these huge cities. It was obvious that Haven was a more bustling market place and the opportunities for more rare items abound. We could help ourselves, we went shopping. I found this sweet charm that according to the shop keep will infuse me with a short burst of magic that will allow me to do more damage. All it takes is a little bit of my blood. A little disturbing, but it’s not like some of those other items i’ve heard about where a worm eats your eye out, yuck!

I suspect we might be here awhile. Looks like I’ll have some time to meditate on improving some of my other talents and research my sword’s name, maybe a little more shopping as well!

No Answers but just More Questions
an account by Benoni

After I decided to accompany Cortex to look closer at this fire the others decided to join us after talks with the caravan about contract laws.

I left my position from behind the wagon and moved to the front to help scout out a suitable trail for the caravan. And that is when I saw the Dark Haired Monster, in whose palace we now live. My blood was at an instant boil and I was running before I knew it. I also had reached back and pulled out the special arrow made for this Monster’s Heart. But he must have seen the dust form the wagon or heard Cortex rumbling because he turned to his horse and started to gallop in the opposite direction.
It did take long for me to realize that I would catch him on foot, but I also wanted to see where he was headed if possible. Eramos flew by asking what was up and if he missed anything, I told him that he needed to follow the rider and tell us where he went, at first he did not see the rider but after I pointed him out he took off. It was about this time that I came to the place that I saw the Traitor standing, and to my wonder it seemed that he was only here to see what happened himself, for he was alone and the fires too long burned to be set by his hand.

When Gerneck and Korose arrived, they confirmed what Cortex and I had already seen. Gerneck found a body and started to prepare to view his death when Eramos returned and reported that he had lost the Rider in the Jungle. More than likely the Traitor saw he was being followed and rode into the thick trees for concealment. Is he truly alone? Where are the others?

Gerneck told us of the experience that he had, drowned, the guy was drowned after seeing a huge beast. And then burned after his death, and his little family with him, still hiding in the corner of their home for protection. Eramos started talking about Illusions and I am sure that is what Gerneck saw. It was not real, just seemed real to the victim and there is only one Illusionist that I know that could have done the illusion and would be so perverted with evil that he would enjoy the pain and death.

With nothing else to accomplish we completed our contract with the caravan and were paid well, enough that we took lodgings in the town where I was able to fully recover and start training again. i was also able to find out that the bow I had found is very unique, and that the person that would best be able to help me understand the weapon would be found to the Northeast. I guess it was thinking about weapons that made me ask about a forge nearby, while I am hear I should like at having my weapons forged, after all the best defense is having the better offense.

While chatting and trying to haggle with the owner I found out that he was the Son of the Monster I just saw days earlier. I had to control my arms from drawing my swords and planting them to their Hilt is his belly. I soon found out that he was not like his father, and was born after the betrayal 50 years ago. He did not deserve to die, just was unlucky being born to the fool of fools. He also mentioned that I reminded him of an old friend, I soon realized that this woman might be my Mother, the woman that betrayed her people. But when I asked where I could find her, again I was told to the Northeast.

I am not sure what the others may think but I am being pulled towards the Northeast to find the answers to my questions, I understand that I can go on an airship, something that I have only seen from afar and is my dreams of late. The price is decent and the journey would only take a day. Plus the next ship leaves at the end of the week, just days after my Newly Forged weapons will be completed.

Confusing Visions of Death

There have been some very interesting happenings going on as of late. After Cortex told us of what happened to him and his need of knowledge. We decided to take the wagon and head off towards the smoke. The drivers of the wagon took a bit of prodding to get going but we promised that it would only be about half a days journey out of our way. They were very put out but I could care less of what they thought.
When we were about two hundred yards out from the buildings Benoni started to run off as fast as he could. Cortex was quick to follow him. I didn’t know what was going on so I told Eramos about it and he flew off after them to find out what was going on. He caught up to them but then kept going. I stayed back with Korose to make sure that it wasn’t another ambush or some such thing. I could see that Benoni and Cortex had stopped at the remains of the buildings and Eramos kept flying off towards a wooded area a ways out.
At about fifty yards out I decided to run up to the ruins and ask what was going on. Benoni was busy looking around for something and Cortex filled me in that the elf thought he saw Leldrin. I understood now why Benoni was looking for anything that would help him solve what was going on. A little while later the wagon caught up and Eramos came back. The birdman told us that the mysterious elf that was there had headed into a jungle area a few leagues out of the town.
After a few minutes of looking around the ruins I decided to prepare my experience death spell in order to see what had happened. After meditating I looked over all of the corpses to find one that looked more interesting then the others. There was one in front of what looked like a shack that caught my eye. I went over and prepped myself for the spell. With the spell cast my vision turned into what this person saw in the last few moments of life.
I could tell the man had looked into the shack at his wife and kids. Knowing that they were safe he shut the door and turned around. There was a huge shape behind the man. It’s shadow was three times the height of a man and as wide as a barn. I could feel the fear in the man build up. THe man suddenly heard a shriek and had a vision of himself n the middle of an ocean. His lungs began to fill up with water and right before he died his vision cleared and he died in front of his shack. I know that magic is involved somehow, but they must be pretty powerful in order to do what I just saw.We came here looking for answers and we ended up just getting more questions. The vision was very much unlike anything I had previously seen. I put much thought into it as we kept moving towards Bartertown.
The drivers of the wagon stopped complaining about the detour after we told them that we thought we saw Leldrin. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. The more and more I thought about the vision and the things that we had seen and heard. The more and more I contemplated what dark and sinister powers were against us.
Bartertown is very interesting and will be a fun place to explore. I can’t wait to see what they have in the library.

More on the entries of Gerneck in Bartertown to follow.


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