Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Week Two
About Time! by Benoni

Well it Finally happened! I have been chosen for a quest of the upmost importance. I guess that I really showed my Master and his Brother what I was capable of the other day while they were meeting in the Inn with the other Masters. How I beat most of the Cultist that attacked the Inn with little help from the Windling and the one eared Ork. Well OK maybe more than a little help, that Windling Eramos is starting to affect me, and I only was able to Shoot one of them that fled, but we were still able to capture two of them and I did not even kill one, this time. Boy it is hard to pull my blows, I would rather just go in with Arrows flying and Swords in a blur. I am just glad that I was not asked what I was doing in the back hallway of the inn when the attack started. Or for letting the one with the bowl get away, but that will not happen again, I went to the weapon smith the other day for a new Bola. The next Idiot that tries to run from me will find himself flying through the air as my Bola wraps his legs up.

But anyway I digress, I was talking about the Quest I was asked about. It started right after breakfast when The Two Brothers asked if I could join them to find the bowl, I jumped at the offer even though they suggested that the Windling, Eramos the Fallen, and One Eared Ork, Gerneck, could help. I mean the Gerneck is alright, dresses like death and hardly talks but I can handle that, but that Eramos is like a rushing river, his mouth never stops, NEVER! But I was not about to let this chance pass me by because of an annoying 18 inch pest, so I went the Inn where they were staying to ask them if they wanted a little fun.

Eramos was recounting the tells of Heroes past at the bar, and of course getting it all wrong. If he would just focus more on the facts instead of his sword play he might be able to make a good story teller, but for now he is lucky that he does not hurt himself with that little sword. Anyway after he was done I flagged him over and explained that we were needed to help find the bowl, hoping that after the last beating he took that he would say “No”, but he didn’t. I have to admit for being so Small He sure does have a Big desire for Adventure and once you get past the Cocky nature he is not too bad in a fight or to be around.

We then went and found Gerneck in his room, I think he was meditating or something when Eramos just opened the door to his room. After a brief discussion he decided to join us and I was grateful. I was not too sure that if I went on a quest alone with the Windling that Eramos would survive the day. Gerneck and I was poking fun at Eramos on the way back to my Masters, but Eramos did not mind, of course he probably could not hear us with all of his talking.

The Brothers told us of their plan to follow a Cultist back to their lair and how they would need us to follow the guy and report where the Cultist were hiding. Of Course they said that if required that we could engage in combat. For some reason they had a Tracker there to help us follow the guy, I am not sure why, this Jones guy would not have found anything without Gerneck and I. Plus he is useless in a fight. We ended up following the Cultist to the Deeps and finally found where he was meeting with some others. But we were not sure that was there hide out so we did the only thing that we could.

Eramos started the fight but telling me to cover him and then promptly telling the fools that they were “Ripe” beyond belief, it was pretty good actually, made me chuckle. Of Course as soon as the four Cultist, including one Mad guy that seemed to be there leader, started to come at us I wasted no time showing them my skills. While the Leader was ranting about the Horror and how he wants to give everything to the Horror, I shoot two warning shots at him nicking both sides of his face. Then pulled out my swords and made him eat dirt. While he was still picking himself up, I took the advantage and got behind one of the Three Cultists around Gerneck, boy for a Nethermancer he is tuff. The poor Cultist did not even know what hit him and fell beneath the two quick strikes of my swords. Knowing that Gerneck would now be ok, I turned back to the Mad leader, who was now foaming at his mouth with murder in his eyes. Well I could not let him live and If he acted…. Well I was faster and my swords felt like they were cutting through soft butter has he fell to his death.

One of the four cultist survived so we bound him, gathered the Bowl and found our way back to the Kaer. It was great, my Master did not even give me any grief and we were treated like heroes for a little while, I liked that. But with the Bowl back in the Master’s hands they will be leaving to see if the Horror is still there, and I will have to wait to learn more of my Discipline and right when I feel ready to take the next step.

The Fallen Logs - First Quest
The bowl is recovered!

Today started out pretty good. Had a good nights sleep. Had a good breakfast. Even had a good, well you know. With a fully belly I was ready to start my day, however, every good breakfast needs a tale to go with it. Up on the table I went, recounting yet another tale from legends of old.

The tale went on for awhile. I guess a few people had heard this one before since they left, no matter. My version is better anyway! As I ended my tale, I noticed the Elf beckoning to me. Much to the dismay of others, I ended my tale and went to see what my recent acquaintance had to say.

He informed me that his masters had given him that task of finding the bowl. And having seen my prowess, his masters had sent for me to join the quest! Guess they also want that one eared ork, what they would want with a nethermancer is anyone’s guess. The elf (I really need to remember his name) had no idea where the ork was staying, so I flagged down a waitress. Sadly it was one of the more homely maids, oh well, they can’t all be pretty. I gave her my best smile and asked about the orks whereabouts. The wasn’t quite sure but suggested we try the 3rd room up the stairs.

We came upon the specified room. Knowing our business to be important, I knocked once and went for the door handle. The elf must have been in a big hurry for he knocked again harder. No matter, I opened the door and walked in. We informed him of our quest and he agreed to go along. As we were leaving, the elf turned to the ork and asked, “What is your name anyway?”

“Gerneck,” the ork replied. I snapped my fingers, thinking I knew that. Then remembered the elf’s name was Benoni. I’ll remember this time. Anyways new introductions having been made, we made our way to Benoni’s masters.

They had come up with a plan to allow one of the cultists to think they escaped. Then we would follow them to the cultists lair. Surely that’s where the bowl was taken. Benoni’s masters must not have much faith in him yet, for they assigned us a tracker. Harrison Jones was his name. For some reason his name always makes me want to hum this tune… Jones had the weirdest accent we have ever heard. Immediate I thought this guy was full of himself. Arrogant and cocky, people like that need a reality check! He told us that we’d wait out side by the path to the deeps, then follow the cultists. Seeing flaws in the plan (what if he went the other way!), I flew onto the roof so I could watch all directions.

There we were waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Man will this guy never try to escape! I remember a new technique for my sword. No sense doing ‘nothing’ while waiting, so I started practicing my sword. As I finished one of the routines, I noticed the cultist was heading down the path. He was dressed really funny, like he tried to put on dwarven clothing, what was he thinking! Those clearly emphasize his rolls! My companions apparently missed his departure, so I pointed him out and started falling him.

We all fell into line and followed him through the town and into the deeps. We lit torches and slowed our pace to not let our light give away our position. Harrison thought he was being a good tracker pointing out footprints that I could clearly see. Not to mention Benoni and Gerneck were already pointing and mentioning a faint flicker light moving away from us down a side corridor.

Eventually we came upon a steel door that was closed. Good old Harrison was sure the cultist went another way, when Gerneck pointed out the dust clearly showed the door had recently been open. Grumbling the whole way Harrison pulled out a lock pick and unlocked the door. We entered and noticed there was light and voices coming from a fork to the left.

Benoni and Gerneck took up positions at the entrance to the fork. I told them to cover me and walked in. There were four of them (including our escapee). One of them saw me almost immediately. As they began to react I got my first wiff of them. Boy did they stink. I could help but ask, “Pardon me, but do you gents know where the lou is? I must be close, because it sure stinks in here.”

The one that saw me kept rambling something about for the whores, or was it horde? Anyways seems strange that they gather in a cavern like this just to pay a woman for pleasure. I didn’t have time to think about it, as they attacked.

Our escapee and one of his friends came after me, another one went after Gerneck. The rambler went after Benoni. These guys couldn’t hit a thing. I weaved and dodged around their blows, then landed a couple soid hits. Unfortunately their armor absorbed much of my blows. I flew above their heads to maneuver into a better striking position. As soon as I reaching the ceiling, I realized that it probably was a good move on my part. My two foes, being unable to reach me, closed in on Gerneck.

Gerneck is one tough ork, he took quite a betting from the 3 cultists before I was able to turn around and close in on them from behind. Benoni had knocked the rambler over and closed in to assist Gerneck as well. As I carved into one of them from behind, Gerneck must have cast some sort of spell. The cultist next to me, suddenly lifted up like he was gripped in a giant fist. That fist must have squeezed, the cultist exploded, or is it imploded? We made quick work of the other two, then bound the hands of the only survivor.

We returned to a heroes welcome. With the bowl returned the ceremony from the other day was completed. Our masters would venture out of the kaer the next day. I bandaged up my woulds and thought of better ways to inform my foes of their shortcomings. At the same time, trying not to become to envious of our masters getting to leave the kaer.

Week One
In Trouble Again by Benoni

The morning started off so great, the Food Market even had a fresh batch of Cinnamon Rolls right out from the oven. Now for those of you that don’t know there are not many things better in this world then a well cooked Cinnamon Roll, and These were some of the best. Even the Orks that were pigging out eating everything they could get their hands on could not spoil this perfect moment. But as I lifted the tasty morsel to my watering mouth and bit into the delicacy sent by the gods, the day turned against me.

I bit into the most succulent item just to find it rock hard and Chipping a Tooth, Yes my TOOTH. Let me tell you it hurt and I am still not sure if the pain was from the broken tooth or from the pain knowing that this Roll was flawed. I was relieved to see that the Roll was not at fault for some Jerk had baked a Gem into it, but not any gem, but one of the gems that had been reported stolen. It was at this time that the Orks finally stopped eating, they even had the audacity to say in the middle of that market that the “stolen” gem belonged to them and demanded that I hand it over. Well we all know that I was not about to do that, my Master taught me better, so I told them H*** NO and told them that if they wanted it that they would have to come get it.

Since I was out numbered 3 to 1, I pulled my swords to let them know that I was serious and of my attentions to defend myself. But did they listen, Of Course not! As two of them started towards me, I noticed a Windling with Feather Wings. And I thought could it be that the Famous and Widely spread stories be coming true in front of me? Was this truly Armomis the Mistaken, at least I think that is his name. Anyhow he starts insulting one of the Orks, something about the guys Mother? So the third Ork decided to quickly dispatch this annoying 18 inch fly before helping his friends with me, boy was that a mistake. I was not worried about taking them all on but with the third one leaving, it just meant that his friends were toast. But like any trained Fighter I held back just long enough for them to swing at me first. Knowing that a better Offence is the best Defense I gave them both a taste of my Blades, knocking them down so I would only need to face one at a time, and to give them a hint of what must come if they continued their hopeless attack against me. But they were too thick skulled to take the hints and one of them actually come close to hitting me. Well I had given them enough warning through my actions so it was now time to end this fight before some innocent was hurt, so I quickly put one sword in the Ork’s belly on my right then followed through with my other sword and took his head off I one blow. As his head was still dropping to the Ground I turned to face his Buddy, with a look that he was next.

That was the time that the already ruined day became worse. As the Guard showed up they were lead by my Master and his Brother, and from what they could see it looked like I over reacted to the situation, even saying that it was not necessary that I had to kill one of them. But they were not There, they did not see all of the warnings I gave the Stupid Orks, it was them that started the whole thing in the first place. But why I was being told that I should know better and that I should have more Honor then that, I noticed a forth Ork. This Ork was not like the others, he seemed more refined, more intelligent somehow, and that is a hard thing to do when you are missing an Ear! I can only guess that he took pity on the poor Windling and helped him with the third Ork, who was also dead.

Then later that night the third strike came, as I was informed by my Master that him and his brother were chosen to leave the safety of the Kaer to see if the Horror was gone. Man this day could not have been worse, then to top it all off, I remembered that I did not even get to finish my Cinnamon Roll!

The Fallen Logs - Week One
The strain will kill you

Gather round ladies and gents. Especially the ladies. Have I a tale to tell you.

It all started when I went to the market to sample some of the food. There were these Orks that were gorging themselves on food hardly leaving any for the rest of us. All of a sudden this Elf, with a sweet looking quiver on his back, cries out in pain. We all turn to look. It appears he had a shiny surprise in the form of a ruby, hidden in his bread. Had I known that, I would have put those Orks to shame… Anyways, those Orks apparently thought it belonged to them. Well the Elf didn’t think so and suddenly had some swords in hand. Doing what any self repecting adventurer would I yelled bar fight and jumped to the elfs defense, besides the orks made fun of my wings and that just wasn’t nice. Two of the orks went after the elf, the third came for me, thinking I was easy prey. I am only 18" tall after all. The elf seemed to be holding his own. I promptly insulted my opponents mother then tought him not to underestimate windlings as i knocked him on his back. Seen this the bigger ork turned to a fourth ork who was just minding his own business and mocked his ear, or lack of. You see this new ork was missing an ear, an apparently is a little touchy about it. He went into a rage a used some sort of spell on the guy i knocked around. He ended up killing the poor ork. The elf then dispatched one of his orks before the guards broke it up. To top it all off the elf just handed the gem over to the authorities! After all we went through as well!

Any ways later that day my master was impressed with my tale. She then dragged me off to some boring meeting in the center of the kaer. I immediately impressed the waitresses with tales of my heroic battle. I got bored after a little while and peeked through a window to see what my master was up to. Well she busted me, so i gave her my best smile and a wink. She let me off the hook, the wink works every time!, then sent me off to grab something for her. I bumped into the elf and one eared ork in the inn, but I must have intimidated them as they just walked on by. I just barely got back into another tale when the inn started on fire. Totally rude to interrupt me like that! Anyways, i tried to warn my master but all the elders must have been goofing around and blew out all the lanterns, it was pitch black in there room. Well i didnt want to interrupt their game, so i went outside to find who started the fire and interruped me.

Turns out it was sone robed figures. Two of them fell backed to slow me down. I must have underestimate the strain of the days events, as i let one of them get a lucky shot in. The ground hurts! Anyways i shook off the black dots and jumped up to teach them a lesson, only to find the elf and ork (what were there names again, oh well) followed me and took out my foes before i could. How rude!

Well with nothing left to do I bandaged my wounds (chicks love battle scars) and my master taught me a few more tricks.

Guess now we got to help the elders get some bowl back or something like that.
Until next time…

Eramos the Fallen

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