Earthdawn - Who Really Kaers?

Honor lost again may adventure
After searching the dead bodies and finding nothing of value we continued on to the next room. I entered and as we were about to search the next hall we were attacked by six ghouls. I air danced around the two in front of me quickly cutting them down.I started to help the others as Benoni came running into the room being chased by two ghouls. I laughed at his weakness. He looked up at me and spun around, his swords whirling with the support of his new backbone. From here it became a contest. I killed every ghoul within reach as quickly as I could. The others now blocked my access to the remaining ghouls and I screamed out in frustration. Suddenly gerneck was down and I jumped to assist him. I eliminated that ghoul and charged around around the other side of my companions to take out more ghouls. Gerneck saw me coming and rolled out of the way. I think he was more worried about getting trampled by me than what the ghoul was going to do. Wise Orc. I ended up killing more than Benoni and took my finger bones from the ghouls I had dispatched. Benoni declined my offer to get him some some of the bones. I was more tired than I wanted to admit. We continued searching the rest of the underground Kaer, then proceeded to explore the levels above ground. The final unexplored room was locked. Benoni almost hurt himself on the door so I stepped up and quickly chopped my way through the door. As Benoni opened the door some small flying sausages came flapping out. They weren’t really really sausages but a type of flying worm. I immediately sliced one in two and ducked under two more that came right at me. In my tired state they were hard to hit. I didn’t fight as aggressively for the first time since joining our little band. I used my axe to block several attacks and had killed three more by either cutting off wings and finishing them on the ground or by cutting them into small pieces. Moving around the room I took one out that was on the monk. Gerneck was down again, casting from the a lying position. It would really help him if he developed that skill. But just as I was about to kill the last one in front of me I cut it but it had dodged and I only slightly cut it. But the worse thing is that by hitting it like that it actually pushed it towards me and I was too slow to get out of the way. It bit me. It was just a little too much and I covered the only wound I had received in the last three battles. As my hand tightened into a death grip on my axe and the room started to go dark around the edges of my vision I saw Benoni finish the last one he had been fighting and turn just in time to skewer the slow wounded slug that had just bit me. The last thing I saw was Benoni, gasping for breath, fling the dead worm off his sword and shout out FIVE! It was the final straw. I sunk down into the darkness welcoming it for I was so ashamed of letting the skinny elf kill more of the monsters than I had. How was I going to regain my honor? Was the final thought as I fell into unconsciousness.
Erdrics Journal

My mind was troubled as I followed behind this Windling. I was sent to this land to explore and gain knowledge. Yet this dream, I can’t shake it. Who are these companions I was fighting alongside in my dream? The dream itself is also a concern. This was no mere dream. Dare I say it’s prophecy?

So deep in thought was I, that I knocked into a table causing a loud scuffing sound. I froze certain the Windling would hear me. He kept on his pace, must not be a very perceptive Windling. Still unsure of what to say, I remained hidden. Even when the Windling freed the rest of the group I remained hidden. As I listened to their exchange something was troubling me. I had an uneasy feeling about the Windling. His claim that he had no memory of what happened, yet there was no mark on him. Why would the rest of the group be thrown into this locked room, while the Windling did not. Where did the Windling get the key? I don’t recall him aquiring it while I shadowed him… With the group being on edge, I continued to shadow them. When would be the right time to reveal myself and not provoke an attack?

The group descended to the deepest level and paused in the first room that had 3 other passages, consulting their map and debating on where to go. The decided on an unmarked room on the map. But they could not find the door to enter, until the windling found a secret door. Was he just lucky? How could he find a secret door but not hear my blunder upstairs? Or did he know about it…

I remained a little down the hall from the secret chamber when I heard fighting. When I arrived at the door, I found the Windling attacking his comrades. This sparked a memory. My thoughts drifted back to the lessons my Sensei had taught me on Mount Xan. He described a group of adventurers that been betrayed by one of their own, who had become corrupted by a horror. Then I noticed the skulls in the room and the pounding the Windling was taking but still fighting. He’s horror tainted!

Just as my realization came to me they manage to knock him down. As the debated what to do, I saw the Windling stir. He can’t be allowed to spread the taint. I remember thinking it’s now or never as I summoned a lightning bolt and slammed it into the windling to knock him back into unconsciousness.

His companions look at me in stunned silence. I said the only thing i could think of. “He’s been tainted by a horror!” Their actions surprised me. Without hesitation, the big troll and nimble elves both drove their weapons home in the Windlings body, ending his life.

They turned toward me, and I introduced myself. The seemed to accept me, they must have been suspecting the Windling’s taint as well, for they barely shed any grief over his loss. They kept a careful eye on me as they began searching the room. I was drawn towards the center of the room. Something about the pile of skulls. I reached down to pick one up and they exploded outward. From beneath the pile rose what could only be a horror, with a skull face.

Without missing a beat the troll, elf, and I rushed it on three sides of it. None of our attacks landed home. It was too nimble and swift, dodging and blocking our attacks. Even when the troll managed to hit it, it seemed to have little effect. Thinking physical attacks to be of little use, I tried a lightning bolt. Either the goodly passions were on my side or the horror clearly thought physical to be the main threat, but my lightning bolt slammed into it, leaving massive scorch marks.

The elf nailed it with a couple arrows, and the orc landed a good hit with some sort of spell. I thought for sure the horror would be coming for me, after I hit it with such a solid blow. But I was wrong, for it summoned a massive ice cycle and impaled the troll through his shoulder. The troll got up and began to seek a way out, throwing his shoulder into the stone door that had closed behind us. I landed two more solid hits with lightning bolts while the elf peppered it with a couple more arrows, when it finally shriek and dissipated into mist. A glowing crystal drop from the mist to clink on the floor.

We cautiously approached. When the others feared to, I reached down and picked it up. It was cold to the touch but that’s all i could discern at the time, so i placed it in a pouch. We then spent the next couple hours gathering loot. While I’m not one for greed, my main focus is my studies, I had little in the way of coin and provisions would be needed.

We finished looting, and since the others were barely standing (they must have taken a real beating from the slavers), they feared proceeding without recovery. We decided to seek respite in the “water room”, as it was labeled on the map. Karose broke the lock and we proceeded inside.

The moment we all crossed the threshold, a trap sprung. Some sort of goo hit us all directly in the face. We scrambled to pull it off. I managed to get a few breaths of air, but my lungs were burning when it finally crumbled away. As I breathed a deep breath of fresh air and looked around. Karose, Benoni, and Gerneck had all succumbed to the spell. I quickly checked their pulses. They were alive but unconscious. Not knowing what else to do, I closed the door and kept watch, relying on my training and meditation to rest my body instead of sleep. When they finally awoke, I took my turn at sleep as they bandaged their wounds. It took a good four days for them to recovery sufficiently to proceeded. I spent most of that time meditation and working on ways to improve my talents.

We left our mini-sanctuary after drinking from the surprisingly clean and fresh water fountain and began to explore this level. As we walked down one of the cramped halls, corpses rose up, cutting us off from one another. Before I could act mine foe slammed with an attack knocking me off my feet. As I was falling I launched a lightning bolt and managed to take him off his feet as well. Rather than wast time getting on my feet, I executed a series of sweeping kicks to finish off my foe. The others managed to finish theirs off and we dusted our selves off.

I must finish this entry now, as we are preparing to set out once again. Perhaps I was destined to be apart of this group after all. I will remain with this group and see where these dreams lead. Hopefully learning much and more from this land to take back to Mount Xan in the process.

Storm Child 2
The origin of Erdric pt.2

I awoke to the sounds of battle. I rushed on deck only to find we were under attack and sorely pressed. More than half of our crew was dead or tossed overboard. Despite our efforts we were forced to yield. We were clapped in irons and taken below decks. Turns out our captain was right, we reached land 2 days later. There were were split up. I was thrown into a carriage and was transported inland for days.

We eventually came unto a forest. As we ventured deeper into the forest a mist formed, so thick I couldn’t see more than a foot in front of me. We pressed on and the suddenly the mist parted. There was a massive structure surrounded by a small village. I assumed it was one of these kaers i had learned about. I was taken into the kaer and locked in a room. I searched in vain for a way out but no luck. Having no other other ideas, I decided to meditate on it.

I meditated through the entire night and when a arose out of my meditation it was to the sound of another battle. I banged on the door to let me out. I then grabbed the handle to try to force the lock only to discover the door was open! I cautiously crept out of the room, but no one was around, it seemed deserted. I crept to the opening in the destroyed section of the tower and froze. There were the slavers and they were battling with… The people from my dream! Expect they had a windling with them. I also noticed some villagers that seemed to be in some sort of trance milling about. I took advantage of the distraction and snuck out and hid amongst the villagers.

I watched the whole seen unfold, unsure of what to do. The obsideman got lost in the mist, the orc and elf knocked out and captured. the troll charging his massive beast through the slavers and into the village out of my sight, I assumed they caught him when the sounds of struggle died down. The windling was the only one who seemed to get away. He flew to the roof of the tower and didn’t return. Unsure of what to do, i searched for a secluded spot in the village hidden from view but with a clear view of the kaer. I hid there and waited…

After a few hours I spotted movement. The windling was back! He was flying down the kaer peaking in all the rooms. I decided to follow him, for surely he was heading to his companions. Companions I must surely be destined to be with…

Storm Child
The origin of Erdric pt.1

Rumor has it, we are created when incredibly powerful bolts of lightning lance out of the sky and strike the earth leaving behind a baby laying in small crater. Sensei calls them Storm Children or Lightning Born. Personally I thought he was just teasing me, though it was hard to say since Sensei rarely shows emotion. I looked like everyone else and at the time I didn’t have any special powers. I felt like a normal kid, well as normal as a kid can be growing up in a monastery.

I’ve lived my whole life on Mount Xan, and it wasn’t easy. There were no other kids my age. Most people on Mount Xan were men fresh out of childhood seeking a purpose. I rarely got free time to play, nor would I have the strength to do so. My days were spent working, studying, and training. I didn’t understand why. The scourge had ended, so why did i need to know how to fight. Why did they train me to fight if the purpose of life was to find enlightenment through meditation? Why did I have to learn Thrallic when it was only spoken across the ocean. None of this made sense to me.

This all changed on my eighteenth birthday (based off the day I was found). It was in the middle of winter so I was out shoveling snow and scattering ice on the upper landing to the path leading down the mountain. The clouds were a thick dark gray and I was rushing to finish before this next storm hit. People had been praying that this storm would pass us bye, but not me. I knew it would hit us. I don’t know how I knew, I just did. As I was on my last row of snow, I was proven correct. In the blink of an eye it was upon us. Pounding winds and stinging hail. I turned to flee and before I could take two steps there was an ear shattering boom followed by a blinding flash followed excruciating pain. As quick as it had come it was gone. I was struck by lightning. But the pain was brief and gone. I should have been burnt to a crisp but i felt fine. Better than fine in fact. I felt great. Like I was brimming with energy. The world was a little clearer, the colors more vibrant and sharper. The storm was still going on but it had lessoned a bit. As people began to gather, I felt a strange tingling sensation. Purely on instinct I raised my hand. Lightning shot from the sky in another ear shattering boom, straight into my hand. The energy surged into me. As soon as it was finished the storm ceased and the clouds receded.

The next thing I knew, my Sensei whisked me into his private quarters. He told that I was indeed a Storm Child and that I had finally reached adulthood. He said the lightning was a sort of maturation or rite of passage. It’s when my body has developed enough to become attune with the sky. It was time to begin the next leg of my training. How to channel this Lightning Born talent.

Despite this turn of events the next few years went by almost the same as before. The exceptions were new materials to study, such as map making and horror lore. And of course, further mastering my talents in unarmed combat and my Storm Child abilities.

Finally after years of training, Sensei told me that I was ready. He explained that I could now meditate and improve my skills on my own. There would be more to learn from him in the future I do not doubt. He then told me of the land across the ocean, what little is known anyway. It was to be my task to voyage across the ocean and scout this land. To return with maps and first hand knowledge of these lands.

Thus it was that I found myself on a boat sailing into blue expanse. It was a harrowing experience. Weeks of sailing through storms. Days of crawling at a snails pace when there was no wind and the crew used massive oars to move the boat along.

We were nearly two months out when the captain calculated that we were about 3 days out, 2 if the winds were kind. That night I had the strangest dream. I dreamed there was a massive battle and I was fighting along side of strange companions. An elf, a troll, a orc, and an obsidiman. The obsidiman kept flashing in an out of existence, I wondered why?

Korose Ashamed capture and escape

Ashamed Capture and Escape
Finally we went into the forest guided by some elves. We entered a palace of the elves and met several disagreeable folk. There was obviously elven politics at hand which I was far from understanding. I don’t know if we are working with someone who is for or against the elven people. We left on an additional quest from the elf lord while we wait for the return package. We were supposed to stop some bandits raiding humans and elves in the area. We went to the local road and were in luck for a group of bandits with slaves in tow walked right by us. We were lying in ambush but when I saw at least 7 trolls aligned with them. I signaled to cancel the ambush. We discussed our options and decided to follow them. They walked for several more miles then entered the forest along a path. After a while several dark elves appeared. We presented the emblem of the elf and we were allowed to pass.
I had to think at this point that the bandits came this way and had to pass the same guards. Thus they were probably working for the same elf we are. The only reason I can think of that he would have us attack his own men was to have us captured and disappeared. Thus he wouldn’t have to pay the wizard, and we would be more slaves for his men. I am not sure I want to return to the palace.
We proceeded until a mist started to form around us. Then we just kept going at a slowed rate. We suddenly came out of the mist to meet a large body of Trolls, men, and Orcs. I immediately charged. I killed one and injured 1 as I turned my mount I ran them down again and saw one of my friends turn back into the mist and appearing on the opposite side of the clearing instantly, so no escape through the mist. I continued riding and killed a couple more. They were beginning to attack me from behind where I couldn’t defend myself as well. I saw a body dragged into the crumbling tower in the center of the field. Then I saw Gerneck surrender and was knocked out for his actions. I then rode to the side of the tower and jumped off my mount. Backing up against the wall I waited for them to come.
I didn’t have to wait long. Trolls lead the group and I managed to kill another human I think before I collapsed from blood loss. I hoped my wounds would bleed me out before I would ever become a slave.
I awoke in a dark cell sitting up slowly I looked around and saw Gerneck and Benoni in the room with me. I took in my surroundings and saw my axe and gear lying in the corner, a heavy wood door with a small barred window in it covered the only exit. I rose and gathered my weapon and gear checking everything. Why would they leave my axe here. Either they are really stupid or we are no real threat to them. We discussed our situation and decided to stay here until we were healed up enough to fight if needed. I was sure hoping it was going to be needed.
I laid down in front of the door using my 500 pounds to block the door from opening without us knowing. When we heard Eramos outside the door. He unlocked the door and came in with the key. Eramos stood guard while the rest of us healed up. The next day we were healed sufficiently to venture out of the cell. We searched the floor we were on and passed by a large pile of dead bodies. Using the map Eramos provided we passed through an old smithy and tried to enter a shrine dedicated to peace. I was knocked unconscious for carrying my axe into the room. When I woke we left the shrine in peace (pun intended) and went searching in the depths of the Kaer. We entered a very narrow hallway which ended in a room central room with larger halls leading off at the other points of the compass.
We chose the hall to the right and soon were in a room with some water flowing through a trough. Eramos found the secret latch to the large round room and opened a heavy stone door. Eramos and myself quickly entered the room. There was a large pile of skulls and other bones in the center of the room and smaller piles around the side of the walls of the room. I found silver coins along the wall and started to gather some up when I heard a loud scream from Benoni. The Large pile of bones was in the way so I dropped the treasure and rushed to kill whatever had attacked Benoni. As I came around the corner benoni was getting up and Eramos had a bloody sword. Not sure what was going on and since Eramos always annoyed me so I used the flat of my axe to knock him out. But after hitting him twice with my axe he was only stunned. Something was not right. Eramos quickly flew up out of range of my axe. Benoni shot arrows at him and as he swooped down again I got another swat at him. Benoni and I soon had him unconscious. Just as I was going to tie him up he started to come around. A lightning bolt came through the door and struck Eramos knocking him out again.
“He has been tainted by the Horror.” A monk said standing just inside the door. Then it all made sense. I bashed his head against the floor just as Benoni inserted both swords into Eramos’s body. He was dead. I wasn’t sure what to do when the monk touched the pile of bones in the center of the room and a humanoid shape merged from the bones and stuff in the pile. I was quickly set upon by the creature. It hit me hard and I was knocked down. I got up and missed my first attack but hit him to no effect with my second strike. The others quickly joined the attack flanking the skull faced creature. I was hit again and tried to respond in kind to no effect again. Melee weapons were useless. Then I caught sight of fingers wiggling in the door of the room. Thinking this was a spell of a magic user controlling the construct through the door I ran toward the door. Luckily as I started to run I leaned forward just as an Ice javelin struck me. If I hadn’t been just about to run I might have been knocked over. I made it to the door quickly and smashed into it hard. Again no effect I was starting to get mad.
“Open the door. Let us Out.” I yelled and turning stood in front of Gerneck who was at least hitting him with some spells. Near exhaustion bleeding from two good sized wounds I braced for a final charge hoping to keep the beast off the magic users long enough for their spells to hopefully kill it. When suddenly he dissappeared and a unique gem fell to the ground. I went and sat in the doorway hoping to prevent it from closing again while the others gathered up the treasure. Once we were all outside we decided to enter the water room as a more defensible position while we healed up. As we entered the room a substance slapped us on the face. I tried to remove it nothing I tried again success. I took a few breaths just as more appeared. In my anger I ripped it off two more times and then failed to remove the new stuff and for the second time in my life fell unconscious.
I woke to see Gerneck binding my wounds. We spent the next 3 days sleeping, resting, and healing up. When we left the room I was ready again to kill something. I was tired of losing. I lead the group out as we walked toward one of the rooms. As we entered one of the halls some kind of undead creatures attacked us from the graves lining the walls. I slashed the one in front of me then finished him on the floor and immediately turned and killed the one facing Benoni with a single blow. I could see two more near the back but would be useless trying to get back there in the tight quarters of the hallway so I looked for more to attack. It seemed to take forever. I glanced back and the four of them were on the ground playing footsies. If Eramos were here he would have just poked them in the foot. It made me glad to be a troll.

Eramos the Fallen has really fallen

The time spent in the old cell passed slowly. We tried the best we could to recover but we were all a little on end with the strangeness of the situation. All of our weapons were in with us, no one visited us and there was no word of Eramos. After we had rested up the best we could we decided to head out and see what was going on outside. We were just about to leave when we heard a knock at the door. We all stared at the door not knowing what to do when the door unlocked and Eramos walked in and greeted us as if nothing had happened.
We all crowded around him, thanking whatever passion that he was alive. We asked him what had happened and he told us of the tower and showed us a map he found. We asked him what had happened and he replied that he found the map at the top of the tower and then remembers blacking out. He woke up not too long ago and came looking for us.
At that point we set out looking to see what was going on. We searched a few of the rooms marked on the map that Eramos had found but we didn’t see much. Everything we did see was broken, rotten or unused for years.
We did happen to find a shrine for the Passion Garlen. Korose tried to enter but ran into a magical trap and fell asleep. I was tempted to try and enter and pay my respects but the rest quickly walked away.
By the time we reached the ground floor we hadn’t seen anything in particular and we saw a bunch of people out near the village. We decided to stay in the tower and continue downwards. We entered the lower levels and I could feel the evil emanating from the area. I didn’t know what to do but keep going with the rest.
I had tried to leave the kaer area during the battle but the mists wouldn’t let us. we had to figure out what was going on and it seemed like the lower levels were the place to go. We entered into the catacombs and heard water falling in the gloom. We followed the map to some of the key area in the kaer and ended up in the water chambers. We noticed an area of the map that was drawn in later and was not named. we decided to look around the water chamber room to see if there was a hidden door or such to the unnamed room.
We found a tiny hole and found a latch that opened up into a oval shaped room with a pile of bones at least ten feet tall. There was different markings around the room with scattered bones and silver. The four of us split up around the room to see what we could see. Korose and I were on the other side of the pile of bones when Benoni screamed out in agony. Korose and I were quick to run towards him and saw the horror tainted Ersmos slashing away at Benoni from behind.
Korose and I converged on the pair striking out trying to knock Eramos out. He quickly turned on me and unleashed a savage blow that knocked me down. I stood up and retreated a bit and prepared some spells. Korose came in and unleashed some crippling blows on Eramos. Now I had seen Eramos in a fight before and I know how much the windling can take but something was going on here. Benoni, Korose and I were trying our best to knockout, kill, maim and do all manner of such things to Eramos and he kept fighting. I was able to unleash a mighty spell but it ended up being weak and dealing no damage.
The situation was getting bad. After a bit of fighting on the ground, Eramos flew into the air and started to fly down and strike us from above. Korose watched him for a second and batted him out of the air once. We dazed Eramos a couple of times but he kept on fighting back.
The battle went by in a flash of an instant but we were sorely beaten, All except for Korose, he didn’t look too bad. But when Eramos fell out of the sky a lightening bolt flew through the door and into the room. The three of us looked up and saw a figure in the doorway. A monk figure came in and announced that Eramos was horror tainted. I took a quick look into the astral plane and looked at Eramos. He had a strange image of a skull implanted on his figure. I shrank back not wanting to believe it but having a very clear idea that it was true. I knew enough about horrors to know that one was involved here. We promptly ended the changed life of our dear friend and comrade. It was hard to remember him how he was before the vicious battle we just ended, but I will remember his smile and odd flare.
The others asked the monk some questions about what was going on but I wasn’t paying too much attention. I was looking around for some sign of where the Horror was and what can be done to help protect us. I was able to look around and find some healing slaves, Benoni found some as well so we were able to heal up a bit before looking around some more.
I don’t know who it was that touched it but someone approached the pile of skulls and touched them. At the slightest touch the skulls exploded into the air and a shimmering visage of a humanoid appeared in the middle. The familiar mists from around the kaer combined together and the familiar image of the skull that was over Eramos formed the face of the beast.
Here was the Horror. Laying in wait for us. Here it was going to die. Here we were going to kill it. I hope…

Back out of the saddle again.
I don't like riding anyway....

With trepidation, after a day of rest, we entered the Blood Wood. The corruption of the elves here manifests in the wood around them. Their desicration of themselves and their connection to the earth is horrifying and I tolerate it only for this quest. I do not like it here.

We quickly met a patrol of Blood elves but after dropping the name Jakaras and showing them the staff, they opened a straight path for us to the palace. The palace was grand and nestled high in the trees. We were met by one of the wards of the elves. He seemed impatient and not happy to see us. But again the name dropping worked and he escorted us into the palace to a grand room to wait. Though he questioned us, I remained aloof, not fully trusting any Blood elf.

Finally Jakaras entered and dismissed the other ward. He did not seem happy but complied. We presented the chest which Jakaras opened with a spell. Inside we saw a flower in a crystal case. The petals turned from black to crimson when the chest was opened. Jakaras seemed quite happy to have this flower but he had not yet collected our payment. I was content to wait until he could but he asked for our help with a caravan of slavers that had taken some Blood elves. This displeased me. I must admit I was conflicted because I do not like the Blood elves but I’m sure these slavers had other innocent Name-givers and those must be saved.

So were led out of the palace and out of the wood. It felt good to be among untainted nature again. Korose went hunting and caught some game that we ate and then Gerneck made a bone circle to mark the spot where we needed to enter the blood wood again. As he finished, I spotted a caravan coming along a road we had not seen. I could tell there were quite a few people outside of the three wagons and I alerted the group.

Because this could be the slavers and we were sorely out-numbered, I suggested we all hide along the road and have Eramos greet them to stop the caravan and give us the element of surprise. But as they came closer, we could discern the large amount of trolls with the caravan. They were indeed the slavers but we would lose as they were all mounted. We let them pass and then retrieved our mounts and followed them.

The turned off the road eventually and into a sister wood to the Blood wood. Shortly after entering, we were accosted by two Blood elves. They seemed oblivious to the caravan but once again, our staff allowed us passage. But soon, a thick mist engulfed us and we could not see our hands in front of our faces. Then coldness, as if a horror was near. I increased my grip on my crossbow and put one hand on my sword. Finally we emerged into a clearing.

Before us rose a Kaer that looked formidable but had been partially destroyed. A small village lay next to it and waiting for us were all thirty slavers. Korose took off running his tundramount through the group trampling some. I was quickly surrounded by trolls and managed to parry the first couple of strikes but another troll came at me from the side and I couldn’t move fast enough. His blow knocked me off balance slicing me badly and I fell from my mount. My tundramount ran off, and I got back to my feet. I turned and ran into the mist as fast as I could. I knew I was badly wounded and I was no use to my companions in my wounded state.

I ran hard and fast appearing suddenly on the otherside of the clearing between the kaer and the village! How did I get here? I ran straight into the mist. I saw Korose sitting atop his mount not far from me. He was close to the wagons that had the slaves. I saw a group of orcs and humans to my left a ways off. I may not be much use to my companions but I should be able to free some of these slaves.

Side note : As an obsidiman, shouldn’t I have had a calming effect on all of those trolls? Just a thought. I should have thought it on Saturday.

A Vision of Magic
From the legends of Gerneck

With the events of the past couple of days behind us and the Blood Wood coming into view we camped for the rest of the day before journeying into that dreaded Wood. My mind loves to investigate the oddities of the world and this one was no different. The fact that this wood changed in the presence of the Horrors intrigued me. What mysteries could I learn of the Horrors. What could the Blood Elves tell me of their change that might help us in the fight against the Horrors. My mind was racing at the prospect.

I looked around at my companions to see what their reactions were to being this close to such a place. It looked as if Cortex had curled up into a ball and sat on the ground like a boulder muttering about the Blood Wood. Eramos was off to one side waving his sword about looking as if he was practicing a tale of some untold lies. Korose was sharpening his axe.

Benoni was wandering around the outside of camp deep in thought, probably thinking of his mother. Maybe I should try and tell him of the journey that the soul makes after death. Death is an integral part of life that most Namegivers don’t realize. So much energy is lost in remembering the past and in the regrets that it brings up. But look at me, I tell myself the same things after my Gahad clams down. But at least when I’m in a Gahad I use my energy for something worthwhile.

As I sat contemplating the strangeness of my companions actions I felt the breath of a Passion draw close. As soon as I realized it I focused on what was being said and what emotions were coming through to me. When I fully caught the breath I was caught up in a vision, a vision of Magic. I could feel the presence of Floranuus and a night of Revelry in the Magic that was cast. I tried to see the threads that were used but they were like none I had ever seen. I saw great lands of different kinds and many different creatures that fought back and forth. I was taken away in a vision of grandeur but was rudely taken back to our land and our time near the Blood Wood by a sound I had never heard.

I looked up and saw that Korose had heard the same noise I saw a few mounds over a hoard of cretures charging towards us. I pointed at them and Korose saw them coming. Korose ran off to get ready to set against their charge and I looked around at our group. The rest of the group continued as they were but all looking a little tired. I ran after Korose with my spells in hand. The actions and words for Ethereal Darkness and Fog Ghost were on tips of my fingers and the tip of my mouth. I ran over a small ridge and saw Korose getting ready in front of hundreds of small creatures. I ran down to help him out and to cover his back. The hoard surrounded us and I was about to let loose my spells when a much bigger version of the creatures in front of us rose up a few hill sides away. It roared something in a language that I didn’t understand. The hoard in front of us stopped short and after a brief moment turned around and sulked off back where they came from. It looked as if the creatures were sulking a little on their way back. Korose ran after some of them but tripped and fell a few times. He got to the top of the hillside and started to cry out “Come Back”. I looked at Korose and saw a similar look of sulking as I saw on the creatures. After a few minutes we went back and rejoined the group.

We were all ready for an adventure but it will have to wait for another day. We rejoined the group and continued our waiting. I tried to catch the breath of Floranuus again but it was gone. Maybe another time I can get caught up in the vision of Magic I was shown earlier.

Editors Note’s: This post is not found in the official log of Gerneck but is told in taverns as an unwritten legend. If it is true or not, we may never know.

Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity
Having arrived at the edge of the Blood Wood Forest we set up a small camp waiting for our contacts to arrive. After verifying that I didn’t need to sharpen my axe again, I made another circuit around our camp pausing and listening for any sign of danger. After what seemed like two weeks Cortex hadn’t moved for the whole time we have been here resembling the boulder he really was. Benoni was in a fog of self morning or pity or other inner turmoil consuming all his attention. Eramos told every story I think he has ever heard to Cortex and Benoni who I don’t think either one heard a word of it. Eramos didn’t seem to mind though he laughed, swore, and even dropped a tear at just the right moment of each story.
Gerneck and I were going out of our minds with boredom and this incessant high pitched voice in our ears that we had moved out of camp to keep watch from a small rise. I was about ready to kill myself when Gerneck pointed off in the far distance. Three Hills away there was a mass of creatures coming toward us I almost cried from the relief of something to do. I immediately decided not to tell the others, not that any of them were listening, I wanted as many of them for myself as I could get.
Gerneck began priming several spells while I activated my wood skin ability. I was so excited at the coming battle that I was almost dancing a jig.
When they were two hills away I recommended that after the beings surrounded us that we should stand back to back to give each other as much protection as we could. Gerneck agreed. We could almost make out individual creatures. As they topped the last hill between us I was ready for the shower of blood that I was about to receive. I could almost feel the resistance of the spine as my axe separates the head from it’s body. It seemed I could hear the crash of Axe cutting through armor and biting into flesh. The joyous sound of an arterial spurting it’s life blood returning it to the earth mother. The great number of beads I would get the opportunity to make would fill many days. Then as the horde of unidentifiable creatures reached the bottom of the valley and Gerneck prepared to loose a spell and I had my throwing knives in hand a Very large creature appeared on top of the second hill.
It raised it’s great head and Bellowed out in a voice that somehow we understood.
“My Rotten Minions Cease Your Playing! You Were Very Bad Minions and Now Must Be Grounded! Return To Your Lairs Or Suffer My Wrath!” The Queen Creature Said.
The horde stopped in mid run and with snouts drooping they turned and jogged back up the hill.
“NNNOOO!!!” I Screamed at the top of my lungs and started running down the hill. In my inconsolable state I fell several times and by the time I had reached the top of the first hill the horde was gone. If it wasn’t for the contract I had made I would have thrown my honor and reason for being away and tracked the horde back to their lair. It was the closest I have come to crying as I fell to my knees and begged with them “Come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back…”
At some point I realized that they weren’t coming back. I rose and slowly went back to camp. I sat on a boulder near the fire and stared into the flames as silent and unhearing as Benoni and Cortex. Cortex! I jumped off of him and sat on the ground ignoring Eramos and dreaming of the lost Glory and beads I could have had. It was a long sorrowful night. Gerneck tried to get me to eat and console me but I had no appetite and even sharpening my razor sharp axe tasted like hot coals in my mouth.
Perhaps tomorrow or in another couple of weeks the value of my existence might return. Perhaps…

Waylaid by my Brotheren

Life on the road is hard. I thought it would be fun at first but it has turned out to be very tedious. I was able to spend some time thinking about what I have learned but because of the way the horse moves I can’t really meditate on much. Half way on our trip to the Blood Wood we came across a simple village with a simple inn. But the inn was a better place then on the ground. We stabled our mounts and enjoyed an evening with the company of others. When I walked into the inn I saw a group of ork scorchers. I decided on talking with them most of the night. They had chosen their differently then mine at this moment in time but they were still orks. I asked them about the hunting and the layout of the guards. If they had information that would help us then I might as well talk to them about it.
I didn’t get much out of the evening but it was good to talk story with them. Our group retired for the evening in two different rooms. I had the impression that I should prepare for anything but the lure of the bed made me fall asleep before I was able to do anything. I was awoken with the sight of two orks close by me, one searching my pack and the other trying to attack me. I was surprised but was able to get into the action soon. As soon as I let off my spirit grip with my blood charm on the one attacking me the one searching my bags joined in on the fight. I saw two more ors in the room fighting Eramos and heard more coming from across the hall. I was no my own. I was able to get a few spells off but then I got hit hard and fell back onto my bed. I still cast spells while laying down, but the two of them were too much for me and I went unconscious.
I woke up after the battle by Eramos and looked around. It appears that there were eight orks in the attack, and all of them were dead. I wish were could have interrogated at least one of the orks but there was nothing I could do about that now. Now I know I should at least Pocket Guardian in a new place when we don’t have a guard. I don’t know what is in this chest but it appears someone wants it but doesn’t have the money to pay for good mercenaries.
We decided to stay a little extra and heal up a bit but we were soon on the road again off towards Blood Wood. I few days later we saw the remains of a caravan and decided to search it. There was one corpse that drew my attention so I decided to see what had happened to her. In my vision I was swept away into a cavernous area saw a small elf baby being tortured by other figures and eventually killed. I scream out “Benoni no!” and then I slowly die.
The group all asked me what happened so I told them but left out the fact that is was Benoni’s mother. When the others had moved away and I was alone with Benoni I told him the rest of the vision. Korose found a book under the woman and took it before I could get to it. I told him I would give him the value of the book and he gave it to me. I’ll have to take some time to look at the book and if it ordinary then I’ll give it to Benoni.
After burying the dead we continued our trip to the Blood Wood and we are just now approaching it.


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