Tag: Kaer Ardanyan Halls


  • Khar Rhuz

    h3. Places within Khar Rhuz

    • [[Gold Court Square]]
    • [[Governor's House]]
    • [[Kaldarn's Tavern]]
    • [[Wuldon's Bakery]]
    • [[Shops]]
    • [[Mining District]]
    • [[The Deeps]]
    • [[Dwarven …

  • Shal'Minar

    h3. Places within Shal'Minar

    • [[The Wise Tree]]
    • [[Lakes and Fields of Shal'Minar]]
    • [[The Groves]]
    ****h3. About Shal'Minar Being the home of [[Kaer Ardanyan]]'s elven population, Shal'Minar is the main …

  • Okoros

    h3. Places within Okoros

    • [[Sleeper's Square]]
    • [[Lake Vross]]
    • [[The Castel]]
    • [[The Okoroi]]
    h3. About Okoros When the population of Okoros decided to separate themselves from the rest of the …

  • Council Hall

    h3. Places within Council Hall

    • [[Council House]]
    • [[The Pillar]]
    • [[Library]]
    • [[Freedom Gate]]
    h3. About Council Hall The central hall of [[Kaer Ardanyan]] is nothing more than a very large …