On the Surrounding Lands

The craggy foothills of the southern Throal Mountains cover most of the area, rising up to a spine of mountains separating Ardanyan from the Alidar River on the other side. The trade route winds mostly through the hills, going over them only on rare occasions. Patches of wood and small forests are a common sight. The Throal Mountains tower over the area to the north, their peaks almost always vanashing between the clouds.

The trade route coming from Bartertown parts a few miles before Ardanyan’s gates, reaching further south along the shores of the Coil River. It’s a five-day walk from Bartertown to Ardanyan and about a day’s walk from Ardanyan to Darranis. To the east, the route meanders between the foothills and eventually ends at Tansiarda. Mostly due to the terrain, it takes about twelve days to walk from Ardanyan to Tansiarda.

The rocky terrain allows only a handful of farmers to grow crops in the area. Their houses remain close to Ardanyan, because of the threat of wandering ork scorchers. Cavalrymen of Ardanyan’s Second Company patrol the road up to half a day’s ride from the town, visiting the outlying farms frequently.

On What Ardanyan Looks Like

The town of Ardanyan is separated into three distinct parts, surrounded by an impressive wall, which usually leaves an impression of strength on passing travelers. The fortifications connect a handful of smaller towers and four large towers form the two gates of Ardanyan: Westgate and Eastgate. The road from Eastgate leads to Tansiarda and travelers from Bartertown arrive at Westgate. The bridge is located inside Ardanyan, preventing it from being used without paying a toll.

The Ring is the oldest part of town. A protective wall forms a ring around the most important buildings at the town’s center. The wall dates back to the first time when the town successfully defended itself against the Skull Wharg tribe and was initially erected by earth elementals.

Hangside is the upper part of town, both rhetorically and literally. Its residences and mansions rise between the lush trees on the side of a hill, overlooking the Ring and the lower part of town called Landside. The rich populate Hangside: wealthy merchants, the council members and Mangalin., whose landmark towers stands on top of the hill.

Landside can be considered the seedy part of town, but only from a rich man’s perspective. To the common man, Landside looks wealthy enough to be upper class – even though common folk live here. The citizens of Landside are workers and craftsmen. The town’s guild houses are located in the winding streets.


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