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Khar Rhuz roughly translates as Home of the Rockeaters because the hall was the first one to start mining. Dwarves mainly populate this hall, but a handful of humans and orks have immigrated in the past few years to work and learn here. About one thousand Name-givers live here.

Many people say that there are as many holes in the sky of Khar Rhuz as in a colander, because the illusion of this hall’s blue sky is disturbed by a large number of frames, pulleys and stairs. Each stairway leads up to a mine entrance in the domed ceiling, appearing like holes in the heaven.

Ore is processed in large workshops and the fine smoke rising from the chimneys along with the constant noise of hammers hitting countless anvils adds an industrial feeling to the hall during the day. Khar Rhuz has only limited space for plants and animals. Sheep and goats, along with chickens, ducks and geese are housed in a small number of guarded corrals. Fast-growing and nutritious grain and crop fill the small fields, but none of the harvest is used for trade in Council Hall – it’s barely enough for the dwarves.

A small grove consisting mostly of bal’nesh trees serves as a small park and recreational area. These trees grow relatively fast and are mainly used to fuel the fires in the forges, as they produce almost no smoke when burned. Several ponies spin the wheels on the shore of Lake Goch to transport the water into a system of small channels running above the houses to fill the cisterns distributed throughout the neighborhoods.

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Khar Rhuz

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