The Dream

The Starting Point

“Sir, if you are to survive, we must leave NOW!”

The human’s words fall deafly on your ears as you continue walking, looking at the destruction that lies in front of you. How could this have all happened? How could you have let such destruction fall upon these people? The dark, purple sky is a strong indicator of the doom that is soon to befall all those around you, including yourself, if you don’t do something quick.

An arrow pierces through a soldier off to your right. Looking up above him, you see your pathetic fleet of airships doing the best they can to defend against the onslaught of an advancing airship armada. One of the defending ships has been hit hard and is burning. It is going down, leaving the few defending ships even more helpless than they already were.

To your left, a large creature – big enough to span the length of a small village – has landed in the northern courtyard. Elementalists and Wizards are doing the best they can to hold it at bay while other front-line adepts work their way in towards the beast. With one swipe of its massive claws, several people are thrown a great distance, no doubt falling to their death over the citadel’s walls atop this high mountain.

As you witness the bodies being thrown like a kid would toss a stick for a dog, you notice the dragon in the sky flying away from the chaos. “Coward,” you think to yourself. But then you quickly realize…had you wings that could carry you as fast, you’d do the same thing. Fly as fast and as hard as you could, leaving the puny ants to fend for themselves.


You turn, a bloody and mangled face before you. He’s as good as dead, how can he still be speaking? For that matter, how did you get here? What events transpired leading up to this? Suddenly, you realize you can’t put your finger on it and the empty thoughts start swirling around, making you dizzy. That’s when you wake up.

The following is meant for kaer dwellers at the start of the campaign

“Again?” you think to yourself. It’s the same dream. Once a month for the last 4 months. Not to the day, but at least once per month, you’ve been having this dream. How is it possible? You’ve been living in the Kaer all of your life, trapped underground waiting for the Scourge to end. How could you be dreaming of mountains and citadels and dragons? Unless…stories? That has to be it, right? But the same dream? And for the last 4 months?

You search your thoughts, trying to pinpoint images in your dream and tie them to things you’ve physically seen or have heard described in a Troubador’s song or story somewhere. A dragon, sure. Airship? There’s the airboat in Khar Rhuz which Helman von Gut the human uses for fun…

Too many questions. You shake the thoughts as you have the last three times and get ready for the day. Dreams and thoughts like this are better suited for the crazies. You have better things to do…

The Dream

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