Day 41 through 48

  • Downtime – the heroes arrive at Bartertown and seek out information on their magical items, pay for forging of their weapons and find Argathien who is apparently Argathiel’s son. They also find information about Benoni’s mother, train up their abilities and determine what choices need to be made next.

Day 35 through 41

  • The heroes travel with the caravan towards Bartertown and are attacked by Ork Scorchers. They clear them out and then continue on, only to spot a burning settlement off to the northwest, away from their original destination. They investigate and continue on to Bartertown.

Day 35

  • The heroes are requested by Joran to escort a caravan to the Kingdom of Throal. From there, they are free to explore, do their thing, whatever. Only one additional request remains from Joran – keep all eyes and ears peeled for Leldrin and those who follow with him. It is likely they will never be seen again, but ideally it would nice to track them down to bring them to justice.

Day 13 through 34

  • The heroes train, meditate, buy stuff and overall have some much needed rest while enjoying their new life above ground.
  • 21 days of Downtime

Day 12

  • The characters awake early with their masters and skirt the outer edge of Shal’Minar towards the hall door, approach the guard and struggle with their language.
  • Mob breaks out as a result of the guard running for help and the heroes race for the secret tunnel next to the Council House in Council Hall, which leads back to Updandal’s Hammer.

    The heroes find Harg and eventually Joran Hardhe. They lead the council to Leldrin’s home and show the council the secret tunnel. The Council House in Ardanyan is empty, the kaer council takes over and opens the doors for the residents to leave the kaer. The heroes are offered Argathiel’s Mansion and the title of “Protectors of Ardanyan”

Day 11

  • Characters find their way to Ardanyan, meet up with Cortex and get in a fight with the guard
  • The characters find Titoo and meet up with Cortex after he is released from holding
  • The characters break into the Ardanyan Town Council House and find their masters
  • After finding their masters, the guard is fast approaching and they find a secret tunnel leading down and down.
  • They pop out in the study of Leldrin, leave the home, fight some monsters and stay overnight at Benoni’s foster parent’s barn (unbeknownst to his foster parents).
  • No downtime

Day 10

  • Characters are still wandering in the caverns and attempted to return back to the kaer
  • Characters sleep for the night after finding Marxium
  • No downtime

Day 9

  • Partial Downtime (8 hours available)
  • Early Evening – Characters are approached by Ghandjoon at Kaldarn’s Tavern, requested to go to Upandal’s Tools to request the “Special”.
  • Joran asks the characters to leave the Kaer in search of their masters
  • Characters leave the Kaer secretly
  • Characters explore the caverns and find elves at the entrance

Day 8

  • Celebration of the Adventuring Group leaving
  • Downtime (8-16 hours available)

Day 7

  • Downtime (8 hours available)
  • Characters learn that the Masters are to leave without delay

Day 6

  • Partial Downtime (8 hours available)
  • The plan to get back the bowl, fight Mad Angius and Cultists
  • Heroes Welcome

Day 5

  • Downtime (full 16 hours available)

Day 4

  • Downtime (full 16 hours available)

Day 3

  • Downtime (full 16 hours available)

Day 2

  • Masters’ Meeting and Stopping the Cultists

Day 1

  • Ork Thugs


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