Dwarven Neighborhoods

Dwarven houses are small, built for dwarven size. The houses have usually three or more levels, most of them underground. Over the centuries, the houses coalesced together. While a neighborhood might look like a group of separate houses from the outside, the opposite is true on the inside. Most of the neighborhoods in Khar Rhuz belong to a single, extended family and form a labyrinth of rooms, floors, stairs and windows.

Several places in Khar Rhuz are only known to the dwarves living there. For example, the tavern called Razier’s Den is visited exclusively by certain kinds of dwarven miners – those who tend to drink a pint too many after a long day in the mines. Needless to say, it is not advisable for other Name-givers to show up here, should they happen upon it.

Deep inside the neighborhoods, the guards of Khar Rhuz train their soldiers. As a branch of the kaer guard, these dwarves maintain a state of law and order in Khar Rhuz and their part of the Council Hall. Most of the guards in positions of command are adepts.

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Dwarven Neighborhoods

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