Sleeper's Square

As opposed to the central squares of the other halls, Sleeper’s Square has no statue anymore. But a rounded base is still there, which once held the obsidimen brothers known as “The Sleepers”. On the way to their Liferock, they were forced to enter Kaer Ardanyan just before it closed its gates. The Scourge was already too near, making it impossible for them to return in time.

A few months after the closing, the brothers embraced each other and became the statue on Sleeper’s Square. The sleepers woke up only once every century, spending several weeks to eat and talk to the population. Almost a year ago, they woke up again and haven’t entered their sleep since. All they say is that they don’t feel like dreaming anymore.

A U-shaped building is the residence of Galvan Andur, the human governor of Okoros. The house is made of white marble and its steps lead up to the many pillars surrounding the house. The steps are a favorite spot to sit on and watch the stars during the evening or the colorful market in the morning.

Following the street towards the gate, a number of small workshops form the Artisan’s Mile. The craftsmen and artisans of Okoros settled here to create clothing, barrels, tools and even butcher animals. Most of them have a small store attached to their workshop. Members of all Name0giver races can be found here, dominated by an above-average share of humans.

Sleeper's Square

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